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Innocenne (Chapter 3)  

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9/23/2021 8:29 am
Innocenne (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3

Jake opened the door of the cottage which was part of what was once a thriving resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.
He sat on the step in front of its screened in porch. The fog still had not lifted and the air was thick warm and humid.
It was eerily quiet and he noticed most of the few other guests had left. He wondered if there would be any breakfast in the dinning room and he was forward to a cup of coffee.
Still he was not in a hurry to leave the cottage. Thinking about his encounter with Raina in the dark of night he could still feel her touch and smell her body.
He looked around at the buildings which made up the resort. The dining hall which stood alone more or less centrally located for all of the quest accommodations which included ten bungalows like his. Then their was the main house which had separate rooms offering different levels of comfort and convenience, depending on your needs or budget.
There was also a dance hall which doubled as a roller skating rink at one time.
He reminisced about all the family vacations over the years which allowed escape from the excessive heat and humidity of those New York City summers, its foul smells exaggerated by that oppression.

He was both excited and nervous about seeing Raina and perhaps that was also why he was hesitating but his curiosity, desire and appetite won him over.
As he walked across the quad, the sound of the gravel under his feet seemed much louder do to the affect the heavy water laden air was having on it.
He opened the door to the dinning room and walked in. There was no one else in the room. There was a note on a table which said:
“Please help yourself to what is available here on the table and feel free to look in the refrigerator as well, as we will soon be shutting down, we are hoping to use up our food before it perishes. Thank you for your loyalty over these past many years, we are truly saddened by all that has transpired to create these changes. We hope however we will live on in your heart and memories as we know you will in ours.
Much Love Irv, Sahra and family.

There was a picture in a frame next to the note displaying a different moment in time. A tall balding man in Bermuda Shorts with his arms around a dark haired women with oversized sunglasses who was wearing a1950’s style shift and sandals. They were standing in front of a wooden sign which read, “White Pine Resort” “We hope you have a wonderful stay with us and will come again and again”

He looked at the contents on the table. There was some fresh fruit under an elegant glass dome and plate. There were some homemade muffins in a basket covered by a large cloth napkin. A butter dish and spreading knife. There was a plastic container with some sort of cereal and a thermos labeled milk and a large metal container with a spiked labeled Coffee (not decaf) and some in packets as well.There was also a vase filled with wild flowers.

Jake picked up white ceramic bowl and filed it with cereal and poured some milk over it. He fill a matching mug with black coffee and went over to a table that had a view of the tennis courts and swimming pool. They both looked forlorn. The courts were covered with debris from the pine trees which surrounded them on two sides. The pool was empty and had a cover not yet fully secured draped over two thirds of it. Yet when he looked at it he could still hear voices laughing and playing in the water and that hollow thunk of a racket striking its target.

He thought how strange it is that memories can exist in more than one moment at the same time.

He ate his breakfast and drank the perfectly brewed coffee slowly as he contemplated all that was at one time so permanent now drifting into those lengthening shadows.
That is one manner in which childhood ends but there are other ways as well which are not so kind.

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