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Innocence (Chapter 2)  

touchingthenight 66M
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9/22/2021 10:14 am
Innocence (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

The She Wolf

When Jake woke the next morning, at first he wasn’t sure if what had happened the night before had been real or a dream.
Just the memory of it gave him an erection once again.
He pulled back the curtain which revealed an early morning sunrise with a layer of mist shrouding the view.
He began to get dressed and noticed an envelope at the base of the door.
There was a tuft of some sort of animal fur attached to the face of it.
He carefully opened the envelope and discovered its handwritten contents. The graceful script was definitely that of a women’s handwriting.
It read as follows:
Good morning Jake.
I hope you slept well and had interesting dreams.
I am wondering if you might like to play a game this evening?
Make sure you eat well today you will need your strength.
Take a walk to the lake down by where you like to swim at dusk, there will be some instructions waiting for you there.
Just wear your tightest shorts or bathing suit, and your loosest fitting shirt preferably the one with the open neck front which extends down your chest with the draw string attached to it. The one you wore after bathing in the lake yesterday.
You don’t have to take a shower unless you prefer it. The smell of a man can be very wild and exciting to me.
Don’t worry about any expectations you may be having. Pretend you are a hunter on an adventure. In fact wear your hunting knife with the buckskin sheath it may be useful in the wilderness.
There may be a she wolf out there waiting for you.
Just remember wolves are wild creatures and can be unpredictable. They require the freedom of nature and though they live in packs, they may also travel alone. You can often hear their deepest passion calling out at the rising of the moon.
There was a colored pencil drawing below the signature of what appeared to be half wolf and half that of a woman's face
Jake when into the bathroom and looked at his face in the mirror. He had the beginnings of a beard after a few days growth.
Normally he would have shaved but as he touched the stubble and felt the connection it gave him to his more primal inner self he decided not to.
He reached back to turn on the shower but let the water run and closed his eyes and listened to it instead of standing beneath it.
He saw a river and a waterfall appear in his mind. It was night and the moon was just rising above a rocky ledge in the distance. He could have sworn at that moment he heard a howl. It startled him and he opened his eyes.
He turned the water off.
He decided to just wash his face and crotch and backside.
He brushed his teeth and left

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