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When suggestion comes alive in a dream1/18/2022  5  
My Adult Friend Finder is hookup site with a lot of sexually explicit content adventures 21/17/2022  0  
Alley sex with a stranger ... (a tribute to a lovely couple)1/13/2022  0  
A Fum Meeting Part 31/12/2022  3  
Tests to ones will1/12/2022  0  
Tests to ones will1/12/2022  0  
&^! I really need it!1/11/2022  10  
The final profile.1/10/2022  0  
It's official, it's the final. It's over 01-14-2022.1/10/2022  2  
Involuntary limb spasm brought on by orgasm, or "how I got kicked in the face".1/10/2022  1  
Best Years Now1/9/2022  0  
First time's a charm1/8/2022  0  
Those Eyes1/8/2022  1  
3some 7/27/141/8/2022  0  
A Man, His Wife, and Her Friend1/7/2022  2  
Foursome Fun Unknowingly Caught On Tape1/7/2022  0  
Fellatio Friday1/7/2022  4  
Story For You1/5/2022  0  
The Holiday Party1/5/2022  3  
How To Eat Pussy Like A God: 34 Cunnilingus Tips To Make Her Addicted1/4/2022  0  
My Fiancée’s First Gangbang1/3/2022  0  
Insatiable Needs1/2/2022  1  
Happy New Year repost all in one1/1/2022  3  
Lovers Long Overdue12/31/2021  0  
My adventures from Adult Friend Finder is hookup site with a lot of sexually explicit content12/30/2021  0  
Couples story I wrote for my ex wife many years ago.....12/30/2021  0  
How we started in lifestyle12/30/2021  0  
My Sexting Blog for the Week12/28/2021  0  
Dan Stl Black Male Bottom Blog12/27/2021  0  
✔️ ✖️ How Well Do You Know About Sex Toys? *a test*✖️ âœ12/26/2021  6  
Some of the benefits you can get from sex12/26/2021  0  
The Dance12/26/2021  0  
Covid stay in Woodstock hospital12/23/2021  8  
Cuckold by Almost Antonio . . . another erotic tale12/22/2021  2  
The end of a hard day12/22/2021  0  
48 Hours - 23 Loads In Heather12/21/2021  0  
Dancing with myself . . . a wee erotic fantasy12/17/2021  5  
The Stranger12/16/2021  1  
tell me what you desire Daddy12/15/2021  0  
3 Asians Help Me Bang Irish Girlfriend12/13/2021  0  
LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!12/13/2021  0  
You THINK You're Leaving12/12/2021  1  
Repeat anyone?12/11/2021  0  
Delivery Lady. (Roleplay scketch)12/10/2021  0  
A Romantic Night12/10/2021  0  
Fact or fantasy12/7/2021  1  
Tell Me...12/6/2021  0  
Daddy for Dessert12/3/2021  5