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take me part 592...edited.1/21/2022  0  
Are you cold?1/20/2022  0  
A Maiden In The Mountains Part 31/20/2022  0  
My week in review - I'm pretty sure that's a clinical problem :P1/20/2022  6  
May the Schwartz be with you.1/18/2022  2  
A re-union at the reunion1/17/2022  5  
take me part 583...edited1/16/2022  1  
take me part 582....I'm amazed how they mangle these. Will edit later.1/16/2022  1  
A Maiden In The Mountains Part 21/16/2022  1  
Taking his breath away - pussying up Jules's facemasks and more...1/14/2022  10  
A Sweet Memory1/14/2022  5  
When the cheater gets cheated1/14/2022  2  
January 1, 20161/13/2022  0  
Little pieces of me1/13/2022  2  
Our First Visit to a LS Club (#15)1/13/2022  0  
Alley sex with a stranger ... (a tribute to a lovely couple)1/13/2022  0  
Something extra1/12/2022  0  
It can get lonely on the road1/12/2022  2  
A Redhead At The Doctor1/11/2022  0  
The Pineapple Pit Stop1/10/2022  0  
take me part 568...edited. Short ones for a bit.1/10/2022  1  
A Fantasy I Have1/10/2022  0  
My Fiancée — Her First Anal Experience1/10/2022  0  
A Day at the Spa....1/10/2022  0  
take me...beginning 11-20. I started at 81 on the blog. enjoy even though it needs editing.1/9/2022  4  
A Fun Meeting Part 11/8/2022  2  
Foursome Fun Unknowingly Caught On Tape1/7/2022  0  
A good guy with a dark side1/7/2022  0  
Masturbate smarter or harder?1/5/2022  19  
The Holiday Party1/5/2022  3  
Crumbs1/4/2022  2  
Attending her Tension spot1/4/2022  2  
A visit to the cinema.1/4/2022  5  
I need a wife1/4/2022  21  
Monday Moaning - Fictional Erotica (#13)1/3/2022  2  
My Fiancée’s First Gangbang1/3/2022  0  
Happy New Year repost all in one1/1/2022  3  
take me part 547...edited?12/31/2021  4  
shove that horn up your ass and then blow your brains out12/30/2021  3  
Revenge?? or what she really wanted??12/30/2021  0  
Couples story I wrote for my ex wife many years ago.....12/30/2021  0  
please forgive me.... bonus two, at least part of it. unedited12/28/2021  3  
Boxing Day12/27/2021  1  
take me part 538... edited, shorter so I can fit them in. enjoy12/26/2021  1  
The Dance12/26/2021  0  
take me part 536.... edited?12/24/2021  3  
take me part 535...edited12/24/2021  0  
My First Anal, Asian, 3some, Married Woman Experience12/24/2021  0  
take me part 532.... edited12/23/2021  0  
Cuckold by Almost Antonio . . . another erotic tale12/22/2021  2