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Good head1/24/2022  0  
Massage for Him1/24/2022  10  
HOW I MET DONNA continued (part 2)1/24/2022  0  
Kneeling before Daddy1/24/2022  0  
Under the Caribbean sun1/23/2022  0  
take me part 594... edited, again.1/23/2022  1  
How to Give Incredible Head He Will Never Forget!1/23/2022  0  
What Is The Lotus Sex Position?1/23/2022  0  
oldie but a goodie1/23/2022  0  
Let her sleep....1/23/2022  4  
Desperate times, desperate measures1/23/2022  2  
No ouchies allowed (posted in the old system)1/23/2022  13  
What we are expecting for woman and men1/22/2022  0  
A Maiden In the Mountains Part 41/22/2022  0  
where is my hung girl at1/22/2022  0  
The weekend is here1/22/2022  13  
Mistress recounts to me first time shared by her Ex.1/22/2022  0  
different strokes1/21/2022  0  
take me part 593... edited.1/21/2022  2  
take me part 591....edited but shorter for a bit.1/21/2022  0  
fantasies (sexual thoughts that can become reality)1/21/2022  2  
Work Place Affair - Part 11/21/2022  0  
Now this is slippery…..1/21/2022  4  
Yellow Brick Road1/21/2022  0  
Would anyone like a full body massage1/21/2022  1  
A visit to church gives my wife her sexual healing1/21/2022  0  
Our home away from home FMa1/20/2022  0  
Are you cold?1/20/2022  0  
Incredible1/20/2022  2  
Scared of Being Noticed1/20/2022  0  
A Maiden In The Mountains Part 31/20/2022  0  
Can I please be your good boy?1/20/2022  5  
Our First Hotel Takeover (#16)1/20/2022  0  
Enjoying Him1/19/2022  13  
I’m having thoughts about the way you are1/19/2022  0  
take me part 590... edited, again1/19/2022  0  
A Night Out turned In1/19/2022  2  
take me part 589...edited, again1/19/2022  1  
Latest on Netflix1/19/2022  11  
Fantasy **Changes1/19/2022  1  
**** Funny Hump Day ****1/19/2022  15  
Looking for my red head in Columbus1/19/2022  0  
A Post of Contrition... sorta1/19/2022  26  
When is an orgy not an orgy?1/19/2022  2  
surprised by the pizza boy1/18/2022  0  
When suggestion comes alive in a dream1/18/2022  5  
May the Schwartz be with you.1/18/2022  2  
Sucked my first cock1/18/2022  2