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gordonrmf51/21/2022  0  
The Irrational Twatter1/21/2022  12  
The Stress of it all1/19/2022  1  
The Stress of it all1/19/2022  1  
Burnt and Stretched Thin1/17/2022  2  
Exposure1/17/2022  4  
Totally mad that’s what they say1/16/2022  0  
Snowy day1/15/2022  3  
January 1, 20161/13/2022  0  
Little pieces of me1/13/2022  2  
Old Memories but Still the Same Desires1/13/2022  0  
No single men please!!1/12/2022  0  
what am I doing here? (and can you help?)1/11/2022  0  
What I want1/11/2022  14  
In the Shower1/10/2022  2  
Best Years Now1/9/2022  0  
Masturbated for strangers today1/9/2022  0  
A Cheater's mindset1/9/2022  2  
9 days in and Killin it1/9/2022  0  
OH yes...Healthy Eats for Fab Sex1/7/2022  8  
About Nudism & living in a Nudist Resort1/7/2022  0  
Couple wanting to fulfill a Cleopatra Queen Eqyptian Fantasy1/7/2022  0  
Everything I need1/7/2022  0  
A good guy with a dark side1/7/2022  0  
Imagine w/pics1/6/2022  6  
White Hot Lust w/pics1/6/2022  7  
Was My "Curiosity" Actually Bait For My "Self", part 21/5/2022  0  
Too bad. Let my membership expire. Was real and had a lot to offer but...1/5/2022  0  
Web Page Lovers1/5/2022  0  
Evolution of Self and Relationships1/4/2022  1  
The soft D/S relationship I'm looking for1/2/2022  0  
Me w/pics1/2/2022  9  
**** Your January Twenty Twenty-Two Love Forecast ****1/1/2022  18  
Chasing Sunsets - A Great way to get to Know Each Other...1/1/2022  0  
Looking vs Feeling12/31/2021  0  
Lovers Long Overdue12/31/2021  0  
Why Men Struggle with Communicating Their Sexual Desires12/31/2021  0  
Latest scam women get on here... totally obvious!!12/30/2021  15  
Adding to my CD desires12/30/2021  0  
First Date With My Gay Boyfriend and Start of My Affair12/30/2021  2  
Pandemic sex12/29/2021  0  
Vexed w/pics12/29/2021  10  
Restored w/pics12/28/2021  7  
Does a Mr. or Mrs. Right exist?12/27/2021  1  
Sensual Perversity w/pics12/25/2021  7  
Morning eye opener12/24/2021  0  
Amorous Folks w/pics12/22/2021  4  
A walk in the woods12/21/2021  0  
What can you think if you open your body to passion?12/21/2021  0