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Passion Unleashed - Modus Operandi1/14/2022  0  
The Pizza man returns.....1/9/2022  5  
massage1/7/2022  0  
The Long Awaited Meeting:12/31/2021  2  
A walk in the woods12/21/2021  0  
To The One We All Seek. The Perfect Match. A Bright, Dark Star Discovered.11/29/2021  0  
Watching my neighbor fuck her boyfriend11/28/2021  0  
A new favorite11/16/2021  1  
Eating out my first girl11/11/2021  3  
I'm selfish11/1/2021  1  
What makes forgiveness more difficult?10/8/2021  3  
Because fuck everyone else that’s not me, that’s why9/27/2021  4  
Bondage: who’s in control?9/4/2021  3  
Security guards8/11/2021  7  
Life and Fiction7/26/2021  0  
Sometimes Things Just Suck.or ... Getting to Know Someone is Sometimes The Good, The Bad and ...7/22/2021  0  
Hotel Takeover and Shark Attack!7/15/2021  0  
Passion Unleashed - My Modus Operandi7/8/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 62: The celebration at Peter and Sarah’s house6/12/2021  1  
The Down & Dirty, Tallie's Continuing Education6/6/2021  3  
Delusions of Grandeur4/18/2021  1  
giving oral4/11/2021  1  
Bye Bi's4/6/2021  2  
Hugs for you!2/25/2021  8  
So...You wanna sleep with me do you?1/29/2021  7  
My fantasy for my first time12/28/2020  0  
I wasn’t lying when I said “specific” (Part III)11/21/2020  9  
Return of the Selfish Lover11/15/2020  4  
Passion Unleashed - My Modus Operandi11/12/2020  0  
If I'm logged on to this site10/29/2020  1  
Back to the Front 🤛🤜10/22/2020  1  
5 Tips for Giving Straight Guys Bro Jobs + Where to Find Them!10/6/2020  2  
How did you start?9/30/2020  0  
The needs9/3/2020  4  
Show some affection8/26/2020  9  
Then I wrote often to the sea...8/17/2020  2  
Fantasy7/11/2020  0  
Swinger beginnings7/3/2020  0  
Linda's Lair6/23/2020  0  
For Dominate Women Only6/23/2020  0  
life goes in odd ways .6/15/2020  3  
Saturday Afternoon5/16/2020  0  
Pussy is sweeter than honey and more valuable than money.” ― Mary B. Morrison5/8/2020  7  
Why is it so hard to find horny guys that want to fuck some ass3/14/2020  1  
No Man's Land3/10/2020  4  
Wedding night ....Part 13/9/2020  0  
Daytime play?2/26/2020  0  
IDEAL To be added2/7/2020  0