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Top keywords what the heck?1/18/2022  15  
Make Me Yours11/14/2021  8  
i gained 30 lbs during COVID10/4/2021  12  
Youthful Mantra9/16/2021  3  
My mantra9/11/2021  0  
We must, we must, we must increase our bust....🍒👙7/9/2021  1  
What I am and how I roll as the Leprechaun Sorcerer6/7/2021  0  
Who and what I am is more than just a great sex partner5/30/2021  2  
Positivity Mantra2/4/2021  8  
Deep thinking2/3/2021  0  
#52 : A FINAL ECHO2/2/2021  15  
MASTURBATE PARA MI...1/6/2021  5  
Mistress – Four7/30/2020  0  
WE'RE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME7/7/2020  17  
Hawaiian Blessing ... :)7/1/2020  3  
Necklace...6/29/2020  7  
"In every heart There's a hole There's a space For something new..."6/28/2020  3  
A long overdue return...5/28/2020  5  
Need To Have Sex With You A Poem5/20/2020  9  
Slave encounter3/3/2020  1  
Not ready for prime time...lol2/12/2020  0  
when persistence and perseverance become intolerable harrassment1/14/2020  0  
Flexibility12/16/2019  1  
Is text etiquette a way to judge someone's character?11/6/2019  0  
Holy Shit! I meet a crossdressing goddess!9/26/2019  2  
D/s and the neurotic culture of consent9/20/2019  4  
Hell in a Bucket9/8/2019  9  
SoRrY for PaRtY RoCkiN8/1/2019  0  
Hot Summer's Dance7/10/2019  0  
Worry A Poem6/29/2019  3  
Thankful I Did Not Give Up Too Soon A Poem5/19/2019  8  
Biitchcraft & Wiitchcraft5/8/2019  0  
Putting It Down, Or How I Unplugged This Past Weekend4/23/2019  6  
A Doofus Day - and The Good VS The Bad3/26/2019  15  
My New Mantra3/18/2019  1  
sanctified1/25/2019  1  
Sunday Sins - The Vanishing Virtue of Patience12/9/2018  7  
When you know it's real12/4/2018  4  
It's Pretty Simple, If You Think About It11/15/2018  22  
I am a woman...11/8/2018  2  
“The best thing you can do for a friend give him the name of your tailor”11/5/2018  1  
My mantra10/9/2018  0  
August 8 celebrate9/23/2018  1  
The Tantric Sex explained8/29/2018  2  
Sunday morning.....7/29/2018  1  
It's not always about the big O7/20/2018  3  
The doctor is in7/17/2018  6  
Midsummer’s eve7/13/2018  0