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This hole I'm digging...looks strangely more like a trench now...  

partygald 39F
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11/4/2021 2:47 am

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11/17/2021 12:37 am

This hole I'm digging...looks strangely more like a trench now...

This is attempt number….3 with Rene, I think. As in, go out with the sole attempt at full disclosure. What? Of course I haven’t told him. Not yet. Uh…I mean, I can’t….ah shit. Lemme explain myself. 

It’s been about a week since our last encounter (and what a satisfying encounter THAT was… . Sorry. Getting distracted) and I haven’t spoken to him since. Our text conversations have also been brief and it’s mostly from my end. I’ve been slightly busy. Anyway. Sometime late last week he asked if I had a full afternoon to spare, and was quite insistent that we meet. I thought that was as good a time as any, so i met him. He told me to meet him at a pier. I thought we were just gonna meet for a drink and talk by the park. Perfect location, I thought. Public, but not too crowded so we had a bit of privacy. I even dressed conservatively enough. Well, shorts, tshirt and a jacket in case I got cold. 

So I met him, we embraced (and he smelled fantastic, FYI  . Cleanly shaved and all that. He made a real effort). But I had a plan in mind so I told him off the bat that I had something I really had to tell him. He didn’t seem too disturbed by it (which caught me a little off guard) and just told me to hold, we can speak a lot more when we got to where he wanted to bring me to. I was sticking to my guns. I had a plan so I thought ok, regardless, I’ll drop the truth. We walked for about 10mins, making small talk along the way, embracing a little here and there, until he walked me to a sailboat. He led me up onto it, and we sailed off. He had rented the boat (with its own uh…driver…? Captain..?) for a few hours. I was thrown completely off, but was still determined that we had our talk.I suggested we move to the back of the boat, away from the guy who was steering it, where we could have a bit more privacy. And then it happened. Everything I had planned for (ok, I’ll admit - I didn’t do much planning. But I did have a speech lined up though) went to shit. Talking points, key things I wanted to cover, all flushed away. 

He disappeared for a few seconds and re-emerged with a basket of some outstanding sandwiches (which he made) and fruits, and two bottles of very nice wine. Then, he whipped out a guitar and played. I mean, seriously now. How is this not swoon-worthy. Lol. As cliched as that was, I got swept up in it. Im actually really embarrassed by how quickly and efficiently I got my feet swept out from under me. Hook, line and sinker. We ended up talking about everything else except what I had planned on. Surprisingly we didn’t end up back at his place. After a 2-hour boat ride and a bottle of wine, and getting me all wet (and we didn't even get into the water), we parted ways and I went home and took out my frustrations on the all-too-happy-to-complain boyfriend. 

Fast forward to the weekend and he asked me out to a Halloween party. It was a late invite, and more importantly, wasn’t a costumed party, plus I was still riding the high of that boat date, so I went. (that's my justification for going .) It was at one of his friend’s place, but specifically on the rooftop terrace of his apartment building. They were all people working in some capacity for different embassies, so I'm really really glad I didn't recognise anyone.

The building management shuts the lights on the terrace after 10pm (to discourage people gathering, in light of...everything that's going on) but there is ambient light coming from a few wall lights, plus the lights from the nearby buildings so it wasn't even close to pitch black. We had to keep the noise down but there were only...14, 15 people there so that wasn't too hard. We didn't go crazy on the drinks, but we still had quite a lot. By the time the lights went off I was feeling the buzz. We were on the 35th floor so the view was quite beautiful. I slumped into one of the benches and had my head on Rene's lap, lying down, facing up with my feet on the bench. I was also in a strapless mini club dress so it rode up as i laid down. I made a half hearted attempt to pull it back down but Rene already had his hand there and was caressing the inside of my left thigh, and was parting my legs. 

I looked down at his hands, and a few people from the party a distance away, and they were just watching. As if i wasn't already excited enough. LOL. I lifted my hips to let my dress ride up full past my waist, and parted my legs to allow Rene access  I reached over my head, which was still on his thigh, and rubbed his already hard dick through his pants. He reached his other hand over and slid it down the top of my dress and was squeezing my breasts while rubbing my pussy with his other hand. By this time the top of my dress had already slid down to my midsection and i was lying there with my tits out. LOL. He wasn't doing much to me with his rubbing but the whole exhibitionst thing really got me going. He then got up, and leaned down to kiss me when i grabbed him by his ear to pull him close, and told him to go down on me. Right there.

He didn't stand up fully, but more like crouched down towards  my legs. He pulled my panties off and buried his head between my thighs. When i felt his tongue hit me, i sat up on my elbows, and looked around and saw the same group still watching us, but there're also a few more silhouettes around now. I didn't bother pulling my dress back up to cover myself, and instead put one of my hands over his head while he tongue fucks me. He replaced his tongue with two of his fingers and slid them inside me while he moved his head up to by tits and was sucking on my nipples. I was soo fucking turned on I don't think i would have stopped him if he whipped out his dick and fucked me on the stop. But he stopped after awhile when the people watching were all quite close to us. LOL. They moved in for a better look i guess...?

I pulled my dress up, and then down to cover up before walking by everyone. I couldn't see any of their face cos it was dark, and i was a little tipsy, but we grabbed our belongings, finished a few more drinks before we went back to his place to finish what we started. I know I've said this a million times before, but fuuuck me, big guy sex is soooo fucking awesome! LOL
I was bucking and bouncing. on his dick so hard when he was standing up, in the middle of his living room, my around around his shoulders, and his arms under my thighs. I think I might have even made a puddle on the floor. LOL

I got up the next afternoon, in his bed. He didn't make us lunch . I mean, there's only so much black, French superman can do. LOL. We did spend the whole day just lazing around naked in his home. In between gobbling up his dick and emptying out his balls, I did also check out his place. His place is exactly what he is - it looks like there's someone else living there with him, but there isn't, so its his stuff, and his ' stuff, limited to mostly in their room. In hindsight, that also would have been a good time to speak, or tell him the truth. We DID speak, about a lot of things, strange how the conversation just doesn't steer itself that way. Ah hell. I'm back to square one. Uh....actually, I'm back to square minus 10 or something.
Well shit.

partygald 39F
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11/4/2021 2:51 am

Or is it a multi-storey underground carpark now?

But seriously though, here is a guy, built like a fucking statue, six-pack, chiseled chest, jawline, all the sh'bang. Fucks like a stallion. Cooks well. Serenades. Fuck. I gotta do the right thing, I suppose. Maybe in a few weeks.....? -_-

partygald 39F
1946 posts
11/4/2021 2:56 am

Another side note - I proof read all my entries. For some strange, fucked up reason, every time I hit "post", a lot of the words change. Like auto corrects. FUck.
Ok, I meant sorry if some of it doesn't make sense. But seriously, fuck!

Either way, thanks for reading

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
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11/4/2021 5:20 am

I Literally Laughed Out Loud when he got his Guitar out to serenade you....WTF

This boy is Really trying Hard (Literally and Figuratively) and the Trench you are digging is now more like a Storm Canal...........A text from the airport might be your best bet at this point

unknown170 43M
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11/7/2021 8:15 am

Cant wait to hear about he fucks your ass hard and deep, give it a go sometime

discreteSteve62 52M
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11/16/2021 7:25 pm

Your relationship with this guy is like some people and ice cream.

partygald 39F
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11/17/2021 12:37 am

    Quoting discreteSteve62:
    Your relationship with this guy is like some people and ice cream.
This is pretty damn funny. Quite right too but funny 😂

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