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Back to Rene (figurative and literally)  

partygald 39F
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10/27/2021 2:17 am

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11/12/2021 11:21 pm

Back to Rene (figurative and literally)

Aaaaand here I am again. I haven’t posted anything about Rene cos I actually haven’t spent any time with him in the last two and a half weeks. I really couldn’t spare the time cos the husband left for a long work trip last week and I’ve been spending all my time with him before he left. I did try to meet Rene once but had to blow him off at the last minute cos, well, I really couldn’t leave home. Okok, the truth was I was happily sandwiched between the husband and the boyfriend that particular evening and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. 😝. He was pissed at the time, and to make matters worse, I only called him back two days later. I contemplated just dropping the truth on him, but he asked if it was family matters, and I guess I didn’t really had the capacity at the time to deal with it, so I just replied yes, and kinda left it at that. 😋. He didn’t pursue it too, so…🤷🏻‍♀️

So yeah, past 2 weeks, no Rene. And if I was honest, I really didn’t miss him either 😣. It’s a lil mean, but…hey, it’s the truth. The past weekend he texted me asking me again if I was up for taking the weekend to catch up. He had won a weekend stay in a pretty nice hotel here in a company lucky draw/giveaway thing and asked if I’d join him. I really wasn’t planning to meet up with him again cos the husband just left on a Thursday night, and I wanted to take some time for myself as well as spend a lil alone time with the boyfriend. That was the plan anyway. Friday came and went, it was dreary, long and tiring and the boyfriend and I spent the evening at home. We tried watching a movie, which switched very quickly to porn, then ended up making some porn ourselves. Lol. No recordings though, FYI 😣

Saturday, the boyfriend left for work, I went for my waxing appointment (finally!). It’s been a few months since my last appointment so, it’s a full bush. Or it was. 🙄. Buuut the husband and boyfriend both seem to like it and whatever gets their faces down there enthusiastically, right? Lol. Anyhow, I got back home in the late morning and right on cue, Rene video called me. He was still trying to convince me to go over by showing me the pool amd view of the hotel. It WAS nice. Aaaand of course he was topless, so that, the pool…it wasn’t a fair fight. I caved and told him I’d be there mid afternoon. 🤪

I was careful to check if his would be there this time. He told me his were there on Friday and had the weekend with their mother, so ok, no . I packed 2 micro bikinis and a sheer one piece, figured I’d cover two days of pool time with 3 sets. He suggested I pack a set of workout gear cos there was a nice park by the hotel and we could go for a hike. Of course I didn’t. Lol. I wore loose blue dress over my bikini there and brought a pair of denim shorts and tank top. That was it. I had no plans to leave the room 😉

The hardest bit was telling the boyfriend I wasn’t gonna be home when he got back but I dealt with that. I got to the hotel and was by the pool in slightly over an hour since we hung up. I was all set to head up to the room first but he was still by the pool so he came to pick me up at the lobby and we went straight to the pool. No biggie. I figured I’d just take my dress off.

Theeeen when I got there, his friends were also there.There was a couple and two other guys. They were all his friends from work. That, I did not expect. Neither did he mention anything about it, but to be fair, I wasn’t even supposed to be there so I can’t complain. 😑. I was super self conscious about taking the dress off so I kinda sat by the pool for about an hour before I was relaxed enough to take the dress off and hop into the water. Of course his friends were trying not to be obvious about it but we’re making a bit of a deal about my micro bikini. I only found out later at night that they actually had plans to hang out in the room but kinda scrapped their plans when I showed up in that swimsuit 😣. On one hand, I kinda appreciate the privacy, but on the other, it was kinda rude that they (the guys) were discussing in French what they thought Rene was gonna do to me once we got back to the room. Buuuut, I guess boys will be boys 😑

They were waaaay off too. It was the exact opposite. Lol. I don’t know how many times I screamed at him (and it WAS nice to be able to scream for a change. The beauty of hotel rooms 😉) to fuck me over that weekend. We only made it back out to the pool the following morning, but stayed in the rest of the weekend til we checked out late on Sunday. This was also the first time Rene saw me without hair in the nether region too. He liked it, but I never found out if he preferred one over the other. Not that I gave him much of a choice. He usually complies when I push him head down 🤪 I had to be a bit extra persuasive in the morning by the pool when he suggested we should check out the park close to the hotel for a hike. I climbed on him when he was on lying on the deck chair, sat on his belly facing away from him and kinda rubbed myself on his belly while I stroked him through his shorts. I’m sure the hote staff by the pool didn’t approve but we didn’t stay very long. Lol. I had to keep my swimsuit on while we had sex though. Not my favourite thing to do, but it’s been awhile since I did that so….what the heck. Lol

Ok, now a review - a mixed bag of emotions on this one. I’m nowhere closer to actually telling him the truth about my situation and where he fits into everything. Half the blame is mine cos, well…it is 😂. Half is his too.

Hear me out. He’s had plenty of opportunities to broach the subject. I realised I had marks (a hickie here and there. Maybe bite marks on my shoulder and arms…) from the husband and the boyfriend that were still visible. I didn’t realise they were that visible til I was applying sunscreen by the pool. Kinda late to do anything so I kinda left it. Waited the whole weekend and he didn’t ask nor mention anything about them. I could also sense that at times, he’s been wanting to say or ask something specific but he just kept silent. So I kinda also left it. That’s what I’m probably gonna do now - leave it til he brings it up, or til the situation changes. At present moment we see each other once every week or two, which is kinda perfect for me. He’s been asking to meet more but has never been pushy. When we meet though, it feels like we’re actively dating, which is a lil weird for me, to be honest. I’m making some plans on how I can tell him the truth so yeah, there’s that. Or. Or. I can just….chicken out and run back to Bali 😝. Which is happening very soon 😱

partygald 39F
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10/27/2021 2:21 am

It just also occurred to me that he’s bringing me further into his world. Introducing me to his friends and all that. Feels kinda nice but the guilt is killing me. Also, on a separate note, there’s not much time left before I actually leave the country. It looks like I need to bite the bullet on this one and drop the truth on him sooner rather than later. That big boy sex though……😉
Sorry for the long post. And thanks for reading!!

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
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10/27/2021 3:54 am

You're gonna have to bite the bullet and tell him soon..........

or just send him a text from the airport LOL

aspencutter 60M
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10/27/2021 7:43 am


Rene overbooked

but i am old

discreteSteve62 52M
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11/6/2021 10:54 am

Sounds like an "enjoy it while you have it" situation for both of you. A good half measure would be to tell him that there's an expiration date on your time together, because you're moving some time in the indeterminate future. Then you don't have to get into the whole "You're one of several guys in my man harem" conversation. If he saw marks from playing with others, he has the information about the others, but he might be trying not to think about that.

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