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neotrio 45M/42F  
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4/7/2021 11:29 pm

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4/17/2021 8:59 pm


is this too short for work?? well. 😋😉 (photo: neotrio)

gardenboy321 57M  
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4/7/2021 11:34 pm

I wouldn't be complaining.

Thoughts from the Garden...

neotrio replies on 4/17/2021 8:46 pm:
i wouldn't expect you to 😉

Lkn4funwith2 55M
1105 posts
4/8/2021 12:00 am

The more leg you show, the better!

neotrio replies on 4/17/2021 8:46 pm:

WyoCowboy7751 67M
1468 posts
4/8/2021 4:41 am

It appears it could be bunched up a bit If Company Dress Code states , top of the knee or longer & you stand up and hits top of knee , then NO FOUL , if it is above that then Yea I agree with the OOOPS Company that I once worked with ( it was a warehouse ) if outfit Did Not fit Dress Code , then you would be sent home OFF the clock to change During the summer for some particular reason , Females were the worst offenders of the Code

neotrio replies on 4/17/2021 8:50 pm:
no real dress code so i'm not in violation. but just wondered if any of you would write me up

Massass1963 57M  
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4/8/2021 6:57 am

LOL... few men would complain!! BUT...I suspect a LOT of women would!!
If you look sexier than the women, most get jealous and would complain about you. But, us men just get hard ons and enjoy!

neotrio replies on 4/17/2021 8:51 pm:
no complaints so far

jelostar2 47M/43F
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4/10/2021 5:53 am

what s happening

neotrio replies on 4/17/2021 8:52 pm:
not much. just a normal day at work. you?

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