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parking garage and surprise sex  

lisajdarling79 39F  
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11/12/2021 6:10 pm
parking garage and surprise sex

We just finished a Wildlife services work meeting downtown USDA, and as usual Steve K. is looking at me with a hunger in his eyes. I usually head out to take the red line metro, but it’s a Saturday so drove in and used the parking lot. I am heading to my car, and I notice Steve K. following me. But then not. I get to my car when someone grabs me from behind and covers my mouth. I try struggling but he has wrapped up and pinned against my car.  I am panicking and all kinds of feeling go through me, but I realize it’s Steve K.  He pulls down my jeans and underwear, and shoved his dick into me. I am not ready for this, but my vagina instantly opens up for him it knows his cock well. He cums after just a minute or two. He was really in need. I turn around and he smiles and says thank you darling.  I open the back car door lay back on the car seat and he gives me oral. As I am lying there I go through what happened just now and I am disgusted with myself by the fact that I am extremely turned on by it all. Thinking about it leads to multiple orgasms in a row and on every other one I squirt cum.  Does it mean I like surprise/. All I know is I want to again, because the orgasms I am having are amazing. I push S. Kendrot away once I have had enough, we go out for lunch LJabaily.

OlBlueEyz46 55M
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11/13/2021 1:49 am

Your coworker had some pie for lunch it sounds like

Teganrain62 55M

11/13/2021 4:32 am

Guess he had dessert b4 lunch that day

Fun4u3276 58M
115 posts
11/13/2021 6:05 am

We have a job opening for you at my place of work LOL I wish more women were like you!

FoxtrotCalling 53M
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11/13/2021 10:11 pm

I think I am so deathly afraid of police showing up at my door to talk about sexual harassment/assault or that it would be hard for me to participate in a forced sex fantasy. As it stands now, I spend so much time making sure that anything that I do with a woman is consensual. And, I’ve come to learn that consent can be sexy. The fantasy you played out in the story would definitely be outside of my comfort zone.

RideMeSlowly470 51M
116 posts
11/15/2021 7:04 am

Don'[t be disgusted with yourself because you liked forced sex. A former partner of mine loved forced sex. She loved it when I grabbed her, threw her onto the bed as an attacker would do. In her words....She found it to be a total rush...

Keep pushing those boundaries Lisa!

Leegs2012 49M  
93166 posts
11/15/2021 2:17 pm

Is your workplace hiring??? Very Nice!!

dioxviad 47M  
3 posts
11/16/2021 3:30 pm

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