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a hard days work  

lisajdarling79 39F  
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11/5/2021 7:46 pm
a hard days work

I am alone this weekend as everyone is out of town, and I am walking home from Totten after taking the red line home from a long day at work. I get home walk in the front door, check the mail and put everything down. I let the out. I head up stairs to change, and when I walk into my bedroom I see John naked on my bed. I say well hello stranger, and he says I hope you don’t mind I brought a few friends. Suddenly someone grabs me from behind and stuffs a rage into my mouth, ties it in with a bandanna, and handcuffs me. I am shocked and adrenaline starts pumping. I am afraid, but turned on. Several hands are groping me and taking off my clothes, correction ripping them off. I am resisting, but not at the same time. I get bent over the edge of the bed and some one pours oil all over my ass and starts massaging it into my pussy. I moan and feel my vagina dilate, it shouldn’t but it does, it wants it. 
Then someone goes in and is just pounding me hard. I look up and to my side John has seven of his friends or well eight as I can’t see the one fucking me. They are all playing with themselves, in various stages of hardness.  All the adrenaline, not knowing, not being in control feels good. The guy fucking stops and the next guy starts. He starts spanking me and grabs my hair, this feels really good. I love how pain heightens the feeling. I can feel the skin on my ass bruising and swelling up. This guy is spanking me hard. Then he stops and the next guy starts. This one is thick as a can, and it feels really good to get my vagina stretched out like that. He isn’t pounding me but going all the way in and coming all the way out, slowly over and over.  Next guy isn’t as thick, but long he hits the bottom of my cervix as his cock fills the entire depth of my vagina.  Suddenly there is another swap and it’s John, I know his cock and how it feels. Oh, it seems he found my anal plug. He drips oil over my ass and slowly works it in.  I close my eyes and just go with the feeling. I am pulled out my state by John lifting me onto the bed. One of his nameless friends in lying there and I straddle him.  He glides in no problem, John puts his hand on my back and pushes me down. He goes into my ass, I love the feeling of two cocks in me. I am so wet and dilated that I can’t feel or notice the guy in my pussy. He knows it and calls over saying hey Rick get up here on the bed. I notice John shift directly on top of me.  Then this guy Rick goes into my vagina as well. Holy fuck, three dicks, I have never done this, but it solves the issue of not feeling anything in my vagina, it not feeling filled. The angles of all these cocks coming in me and rubbing the walls of my vagina and ass starts that feeling, boom I have an orgasm. But no one hears it because I am gagged. Maybe they can feel my vagina contracting?  The thick as a can guy lies down on the bed, John and Rick pull out, and I am lifted onto the new guy. I ride him, enjoying his meat.  Again feel a hand on my back push me down, pours oil on my ass, it runs into the crevice of my ass and down around the cock in my pussy.  My anus is dilated and ready, whoever it is goes in, I am feeling used and like it for some reason. After a bit this guy moves up in the same way John does, and I start thinking no way does anyone get into my pussy with the can guy in there. But I was wrong, someone squeezes into my ass. Fucking A, that hurt. But the pain is a bit like the spanking it heightens things and I enjoy my asshole being stretched so much that I surprise myself with another orgasm.
After what feels like a long time the two in my ass pull out, I am lifted off of the can guy. And placed on another cock, someone immediately goes into my ass.  I think it’s the guy with the really long dick.  This goes on for a bit with the difference being the guy fucking me in the ass keeps switching out. At one point can guy fucks my ass and I orgasm twice.  Then I am laid on my back, the gag is removed, and John says hope you are hungry. I am, as everyone of them, one after the other, cums in my mouth. They don’t have great aim, so I end up with cum on my breasts and face, but each gets a decent amount in. Also each sticks his cock in my mouth so that I can clean them off, for some I can taste my own sweet cum. I love the mix of flavors.  I fall asleep full and exhausted. I wake up in the morning and John is there with a cup of coffee, he must have removed the handcuffs and tucked me in. I look around and realize that I am going to have to toss the bedsheets, can’t clean what happened out of them LJabaily.

Leegs2012 49M  
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11/6/2021 9:47 am


Snapplicious 59M  
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11/6/2021 3:08 pm

well THAT made me hard in a jiffy

velodelicious 48M
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11/7/2021 10:05 am

I'm getting myself comfortable and unzipped before I even start reading Thanks!

fun1md 45M

11/11/2021 7:49 am

Can never get enough of your writing! Keep em cumming!

FREEatLAST19702 58F  
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11/20/2021 2:00 am

Loved your blog. I want my fantasy and bucket list items erotically mentioned in your blog done NOW! And think I finally found the friend who'll fulfill everything.

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