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take me part 470...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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12/3/2021 9:42 pm
take me part 470...edited.

I looked up and this wasn't going to be over any time soon. I still hurt, but we had too much to do. I lost track of time. Sara and Melissa were sleeping with us because everyone was away. They did what they always do, and bunched together. I didn't care because they loved me. I had no idea what time it was, but it was dark. I was barely certain where I was, and my head still hurt. I got dressed as the girls slept, and walked outside. It was still snowing and the wind was blowing in from the north. I checked all of external faucets and they had heat tape on them, and were dripping into buckets. I felt Fenrir walk up.

"You have enemies." I nodded. "Are you good?"

"Mostly." He nodded.

"We are watching your perimeter, until you heal completely." I nodded and said thanks.

"Is your pack good?"

"We have plenty, brother. It's a big freezer right now. We'll make sure no one gets close, at least by land." I nodded as I went into the barn. I checked on Drakon and his pack and they were asleep in a bunch, as were most of the animals.

"Go to the kitchen and get warm, have something to eat." He nodded as I started picking up poop. It was starting to get grey outside when Drakon barked. I let her out but her pack was still asleep.

"You're like me, missy." She looked at me, and barked, as she went outside to patrol. I finished cleaning stalls and started putting fresh hay in, and water, as Jakob walked in.

"How long have been here?" I shrugged. 'Does anything need to be done?"

"The puppies will need attention." We both laughed. My senses were heightened. It was amazing but it was too early for the log splitter. I started chopping wood. The sun was coming up when Annie walked up to me.

"Why aren't you in my bed?"

"Couldn't sleep, and you were all in bundle." She smiled.

"We do that, don't we?" I nodded. '"You need to eat."

"I'm almost done and I can take this into town."

"You mean someone...."

" I mean me. The wolves are watching us. You, Sara, and Melissa are more than enough. to deal with any threat, and I know they are out there." She looked at me.

"I know, you aren't happy." She shook her head.

"I'll be fine, and I want to get a gauge on the situation." She didn't understand, but Deat would. She kissed me and walked to the kitchen. None of us were getting much sleep. I had chopped the wood, and loaded it as the sun came up but you couldn't tell because of the snow. I walked into the kitchen and both Emma, and Kana, stared at me. SHIT!

Kana hit me, hard, and Emma walked up and did the same.


"Why aren't sleeping?" I stared them because I really didn't have a good answer.


"Excuse me?" OK, so that a huge mistake.

"I needed to chop wood...."

"....and there is NO one, here, that can chop wood?"



"Yes...?" They shook their heads. "Go eat something. and stay out of trouble. mister." I walked into sit down and everyone stopped talking. I turned around to look and thought...."Holy Fuc" I waved and walked back outside. I'd eat in town.I didn't want people looking at me. I finished loading the truck and headed out whenw Annie and Sara both stood in front of me.

"What are you doing, mister?"

"They need wood."

"And you need to take it?" Silence.

"I want them coming after me and not you. You're safe here, the wolves a seeing to that. I pushed and don't feel a threat. I'm going because I want to know the threat. I'm sorry. I got back in the truck and drove off. I was SO getting hit when I got bac, at least there were less people to hit. I did the same as before and unloaded wood at the nonprofit, and left the truck as I walked to the cafe. No one hit me. I walked in and everyone looked at me.... Fuck. I sat down and looked at the menu as someone sat down, which was rude.

"I'm Francis, and we need to talk" I stared at him as Stacy walked up.

"Thank God you are alive."

"I bounce well."

"Apparently. What can I get you?"



"I'll take that." Francis nodded..


"You stole from us." I looked at him.

"Who are you?"

"I represent the people, above the people, that you killed, and stole from.'

"Thanks, Stacy..... tell your mom it looks wonderful." I stared at him. "Eat, she makes really good meatloaf.

"It is very good." I nodded.

"So why do think I stole anything from you, since I don't who you are?" He leaned back and ordered a very nice bottle of Bordeaux.

'Lunch is on me, and it's very good. The pieces lead to you."

"How? I have no idea who you are."

"Alison." I stared at him.

"She's the link we have."

"You have a bad link. Alison was involved with an asshole, and I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks for lunch. Enjoy the wine. I gave Stacy ten dollars, walked outside, and pushed. They were everywhere. I called Janey and told her to go shop. She didn't flinch as I walked behind the nonprofit, and they followed me. I smiled because I was angry, and they had hurt a lot of people. They came at me but i slowed time down...and I hurt them, bad. It wasn't fair but I didn't care. I fought the last one man to man, I waited as he ran at me. I crushed his throat and he was dead before he hit the ground. but he had the . I waited for the police. It was Norway. I stared at Francis as he left and Janey called. Ali and I are at the shop and we have the back blinds shut. It's not over?" I told her what happened and that I thought they were coming after . 'Be careful, sweets."

I called Unc next, and the Sam and Javier. They weren't getting to Janey and Alison...period. The police left and determined it was robbery gone bad. I looked across the street at the SUV, and growled as I walked over. No one would be happy with this. I tapped politely. Nothing. I pounded, hard. OK, took my stone, and broke the window.They all flinched, but I didn't. They were unconscious as I searched them. I took everything and walked to the truck as Stacy walked out and looked .

"Bad men?" I nodded.

"We'll deal with it, mister." I smiled and sent her a kiss. I looked for Francis, but he was gone. I drove home, while on the phone.


"You've got problems."

"I know."

"Do you have a name?"

"Francis, that's all I know but they came after me, twice. They mentioned Alison, so they are still locked on her. We have people watching her.

"They don't care about her, they care about you. They figure you are the one that hurt them, and they are going to hurt you." I growled.. Silence

"I'll get everyone on it." We've sent you files. We'll you the rest. We're not sure who Francis is, but we'll find him. I sent them a photo I took I'll check when I get home. No one followed me, probably because the police were everywhere.

"Keep sending me what you can. Thanks." FUCK!!!!!!

Claw51478 74M  
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12/4/2021 12:06 pm

Francis, He represents the people above the people Daniel killed, so ,who is Charles??? Never mind, just updated in editing, Francis is Francis is Charles.

And the Epic Saga continues/ Now, my thought is that Francis, and his people, have a whole lot more money, etc, than the ones Daniel took out, so, maybe, another hunting trip, capture a lot of money, etc. and put more of these bad guys in graves, if bodies can be found. This hunt will be more involved, as these people are spread around the World.

Daniel must conquer the ability to walk thru the Mist, and stay normal, like Joseph. Then he will be able to " spy" on these people, then plan his attack. .

Story is beginning to pick back up, the Drama, The Thril ( thriller ) , the Intrique , etc.

dadigan 60M  
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12/4/2021 12:21 pm

I type late sometimes and am tired. )

OlderPete58 63M  
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12/4/2021 2:40 pm

Daniel get some rest if you are tired

I like Claude's idea and I agree another hunting trip is called for to take out the ones at the top as they seem to be beyond the law agencies.

Distribute their ill gotten gains to those that need it.

And Daniel needs to sort walking through the mist and stop falling over.

Great story thanks for sharing and as always keep well and safe.

Skier4uraz 62M
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12/4/2021 3:28 pm

Hey dadigan, it sucks that they drop a lot of what you write. But we have the just of the store to follow your leads on the missing items.
Evening though I had miss a couple sections that left me in the dark, I still enjoy the store and look forward to reading it.
Still think it would be a great movie or a series TV show.

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