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take me part 410  

dadigan 60M  
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11/17/2021 4:53 pm
take me part 410

I told them to give me a few minutes and pushed. Nothing. I started to walk around as Annie walked up. "I told them to go ahead of us because we are all family. It's just as well because Henry and Sabrina wanted to go. It seems that you lit a spark in him." I smiled as we walked the perimeter. Everyone smiled, and waved. We talked with people and they introduced themselves with names I needed to learn, but Annie already did, and probably the girls. I needed to get better at being a leader. What happened was a loss for all of us, not financially, but these people cared about this place...this land... the animals, even the wolves. Marnine tried to strip them of that heritage, and connection to the land. I looked around and ran to the barn.

"Daniel." Annie ran after me.

"Jakob...JAKOB!" He walked up. "Si."

"Where is you family from?" "

"Argentina, why Danael?"

"Do you know how spit cook meat?" He looked at me, and smiled, as Annie looked at me confused. I stared at her and laughed. "Henry will understand. Are the Jews here, Muslims?" She nodded. "Jakob, I need pits dug and I'll leave the meat to you and Henry. I'll introduce later. Make sure that people can eat what they are allowed by their customs. Take a goat, or sheep, and a pig, and use beef that is frozen." He nodded. "We feast Friday night, like they did. I will help you when I get back. You can do this?" He smiled and nodded.

"We'll need a lot of wood."

"Send men out to cut dead trees, make sure they armed, just in case." He nodded and went to set it in motion, and find the animals we would use.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?" I kissed her because it was my turn to keep them on their toes. I walked toward the car.

"More than likely, love, but I work better in that space."

"Do you mind filling me in?" I stopped and kissed her.

"Epiphany!" I walked to the car.

"You have lost your fucking mind and I'm alone with you...pregnant...with all this shit going on." I stopped and kissed her.

"I'm sorry, Love. THIS," I pointed around, "isn't about us." I pointed, everywhere."It's about them.... the people. Where I come from was Sioux land, they called the people coming Wasichu. They meant us, mostly. "None of this was about us because we are already wed. It's about them but we are the one freaking out about it." She stared at me.

"We are on the top of the heap, but it's not our heap." Annie smiled. "OUR role is to get the other clans, and people, to understand that. we don't do that with a hand-binding ceremony, even we will. We do it by helping our people... feeding our people...and honoring the people it's about. ALL of us feast, and we are going to be sweaty." I smiled as Annie shook her head.

"We need to go talk with Henry, and his daughters." We headed to Britte's. We got there and the girls were miffed. Bethany punched me.

"Why are you late?" Annie walked up to Britte and kissed her.

"Ask our husband." Nothing like getting thrown under the bus.

"Bethany, I speak for the clans we represent, and Danael speaks for Denver. We are linked." She nodded. What are your thoughts?" She stared at us, and smiled.

"I have known Daniel's family for a very long time. They are my my family. I put an offer in for all of these building, except the main street. They wanted too much." We stared at her. "What, I looked at what....'Bob...' sent. It's got to go somewhere."

"So, you put an offer on all of the buildings on this alley? How much?"

"It's cheap, and not just this alley...the entire block. All of them, but I factored in rehab and and all of that in my offer." We stared at her. "What, it was a good idea. Why aren't you saying anything?"

"How much, Bethany?" Silence.

"Everything for $220, but it includes the place on the corner of main road.... which I thought would a spectacular for Britte' new restaurant, once we redo.... it. You don't seem pleased." Everyone looked at me.



"HOLY FUCKING CHRIST, Bethany. I asked you to look around and let us what yo..."

"They've accepted our offers." She looked at Britte and nodded.

"I'm losing my mind... two hundred twenty million?

"No disrespect, Annie and Taiiko, but that's a rounding error for their family's" She pointed to Annie and Taiiko, both of whom nodded, and you have the money. You pay me, and Charles, to help with your business. Trust me to do that." She was a annoyed, and she should have been. I was just scared by the amount, They all walked off to look around and left me alone. Fine. I walked into Britte's, which had a closed sign on the door, and was looking for milk, when I dropped.

Claw51478 74M  
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11/18/2021 6:20 am

220 M. +, that is Daniels share from the sex rings bank accounts. Nice way to Launder the money.

OlderPete58 63M  
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11/18/2021 10:41 am

I think they have more than 220M she said she an offer but they wanted too much for the main street I don't think she spent it all and she has allowed to spend making it all good too. She will be buying or setting up a bank next.

Then there are the other treasures salted away for a rainy day.

Big business developing and with Daniel moving across time too.

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