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take me part 360  

dadigan 60M  
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11/1/2021 4:09 pm
take me part 360

I watched Sara and Alison walk back inside, together. I wasn't sure if I fixed things, or they fixed themselves, but if that was the case, then I was happy. I shifted into the bear and ran along the back end of the property. I needed to think, and run, and be the bear. I had to spend more time as the dragon but I was a bear, by nature, and I missed him. I plodded along, smelling Gaia, and the air, when I stopped. I wasn't concerned, more curious, because as an odd, yet familiar scent. I wanted scratch my head as I lumbered toward the house. The closer I got the more I knew....and I ran, as fast as a bear could run. I ran full speed around the house and slid as I shifted. I rolled, got up, and ran at my parents. I launched myself at my Da', caught me, all 195lbs, and I cried like a as he hugged me. He put me down and looked at my Ma', and dropped the ground and started weeping again as everyone watched. She knelt and hugged me gently as moms do. Uncle Billy was crying too as he introduced Ellen to his brother. Mom lifted my head and kissed me, smiling. "Danny, you smell," and then she hugged me again.

I could barely move, barely think. Everyone gathered around as I introduced everyone, as I introduced Sara, Chloe, Annie, Taiiko..... and their granddaughters. I was beside myself in joy, but I was still splintered as I simultaneously introduced the people I loved to my parents, and watched the horizon for threats. There were none. Gaia saw to that because this was her gift to me, for some reason. I didn't care because I was forgetting what they looked like, and I had just sold most of my dad's 'stuff' to Unc, and they had a bumpy ride. things would shift and my bothers wouldn't hate me quite so much. I looked at everyone smiling, and laughing. The girls were over the moon, especially with my mom... bellies were rubbed, and touched. Henry, Jake, Deat, Billy took my dad.... my frickin' Da'.... inside. They got mead, and glasses, and went into the sun room as I smiled. I went inside, feeling blessed, and headed to the shower. I grabbed clean clothes and dropped to the ground.

"I want you in Amsterdam at eleven p.m. on Saturday. I don't care or want to hear about it. Be . Period. Click." . "Captain, I need you move up your schedule, by a lot. I need you docking in Amsterdam this Sunday, the earlier the better."

"'s going extra because my crew has made plans. I don't care because I need that ship in Amsterdam on Sunday. I my own problems. We all our problems, Captain." Silence.

"I'll leave earlier, but on the schedule. If they stop us then we are fucked, which means you are fucked and will owe a large back."

"Fine. I need you in Amsterdam on Sunday."

"We'll tomorrow night and get into Copenhagen on Friday to offload. I'll you we leave port." Click.

Shit, and that was when I got jerked Zurich. "We are set for the shipment. Is the as usual, cash for gold? OK, but we need figure out another bank because they are wondering what I am doing. I don't do this time, but 's set. We need find alternate means of cycling the cash." Silence.

'SHIT!!! OK, give me your thoughts but you can do it this time."

"I will, and yes, it's ready go, but I need retire after this and move on." I so hoped they eviscerated this prick. Vries was an abomination, but this shit was worse because he enabled them. I was going bring these... things... down if.......

"Daniel, Daniel...DANIEL! SLAP! Wake up, sweets. "Sometimes he needs be slapped come out of , and sometimes he just needs punched, sorry Mary. Chloe whispered in my hear what was almost a song but I opened my eyes and looked at her as she kissed me on my lips.

"How did you that, Chlo? What did you say him?" Chloe smiled and went into the kitchen as I sat up. Mom looked at me, smiling so it wasn't a dream, as I stood.

"I need to talk with Deat, and we need to talk with Ama. Things are changing. Sara took my Ma' with her as I went to the sun room. I opened the door and my dad and uncle were laughing, and I started to cry. i stopped myself. "Deat, I need to talk." I looked at my dad and he nodded as he went back to talking with his brother. I walked into the kitchen and looked into the living room and it was an estrogen love fest with everyone huddled around my mom. She looked at me and smiled as Janes walked up and kissed me.

"I don't know you are, mister, but I am glad you are you. Thank you! She went the warmth of the fire as Deat walked up. I prayed Gaia that I wasn't wrong. Deat and I walked out back, into the snow.

"Time has changed, brother. They're moving up. The girls are coming in Saturday night. I don't an exact time." I almost slipped and told him about the ship, but I needed talk with Ama about that. . He got on his phone as he walked back inside because was cold. I liked . I took of my jacket and started to chop as Yoshi, Taiiko, and Kana walked out. Taiiko walked up to and put both hands on my cheeks as she kissed me.

"I understand, Danael. I know you wanted me as your rider, but that can't happen," as she rubbed her belly. Kana is my blood sister." I stared at all of them. The ways of the Japanese are as odd as you, love. You'll fit in just fine. Kana is the perfect choice to be your rider. None of us know why, because are a few dragons left. We none in Japan...well, except for you.... and we adore dragons." Yoshi was smiling, but watching me.

Kana walked up me, and smiled. "Kneel." I looked at her like she was crazy. "Kneel, Daniel." I grabbed my ax and started chop wood, Yoshi said..."Mindful." "Daniel, I want you kneel...NOW!" I chopped wood as Yoshi and Taiiko smiled and my parents walked out.

"DANIEL....... KNEEL!!!!!!" I kept chopping wood. Goddammit Dragon....." I shifted in front of everyone, and had no control over it. Kana was take by surprised. "OK, then, I guess I figured that out. She put her sword on her back and jumped on my back. She told me, up, and I went up. The wood had to wait. We flew around the island even though it was light. I landed as Aisha walked outside.

"May I borrow your dragon, Kana?"

"Why?" She was already getting protective of me.

"I want to show him how to use time and space, and to blend. You'll figure it out but I know how to do it and now that you are his rider, I don't worry." She smiled, and nodded.
Aisha jumped on and said...."Up." I went up, and we flew.

"STOP." I froze. ""Do you know how you can do this?" I told her no. Dragons are different from most of us, they defy things that we all think are laws of nature, or science.... like gravity. They also defy time, and space. I can't teach you everything about it,...I don't need to because you are finding the paths pretty quickly, but I can help before I leave. I am sorry I am taking time away from your parents, but it's important." I snorted in agreement.

"Think about the ship with the women and on it." I did. "Go, faster than you think you can." I did. "Focus on where you are, and blend into that, Daniel. You are THE predator, and they all blend into their surroundings. Blend, NOW!!!" I was water, above water, as I flew as fast as I ever had.... "Stop." I stopped and snorted. "I know you want to end them, but you can't just yet. You learn that with Kana. Gaia, how I wish was younger because you and I would be a force be reckoned with. Hold on, we are going Helsinki."

I was looking at the port in Helsinki. I knew were the ship because I could smell .... Daniel. I was looking around because was.... DANIEL!


"BLEND!!!!!!!!!!!!" People were pointing as I blended and flew away.

"Having fun?"


"Good, enjoy yourself but you attention. Your rider is your responsibility. She keeps you safe just like you keep her safe. Being invisible is better, love. I snorted. 'Let's go back the ship so I can show you something that you and Kana can work on." We flew out of the fjords and the ship docked in Helsinki. They were bringing women onboard, as I growled deep in my throat. Silence.

"Daniel, I am almost as old as Ama, and Joseph, and men been treating women like this since before I was born. 's why my family are Druids, but that isn't even enough. The reason so many are hopeful, and so many want you dead.... and they want you dead... is because you are an anomalie. You are us like a dragon is human's...go figure. Hold on." We changed places and I was looking at Vries' home, and hearing him. I was beginning understand the role of the 'rider.'

'I want this shit dead. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"He is fucking up everything I created and he is moving through like a knife threw butter. You end him before he gets me. , I'd meet him, hopefully as I was know.

"Daniel. Home." I was in the back yard as Aisha got off and scratched me. Kana walked up and looked into my eye and knew everything. She scratched my chin and said shift. I didn't like that bit, but I was able to see what things were like eons, and eons, ago. I couldn't see what happened with Aisha, she wouldn't let me.

Aisha walked up to Kana. "Do you know what you ?" Kana smiled, and nodded. "You better. on me if you need . Kana, you use lite reins with him because he is more than a dragon. Kana was quiet." I was warm so I finished chopping the wood as Yoshi came out.

"Good, now stack it and come in for lunch, but not until it's done....with mindfulness". I chopped the rest of the wood as Jake came out.

"Da', I met my grandparents, so did did everyone but you. Why aren't you inside?" Silence.

"I things I need deal with, first."

'I'll do this dad."

"Thank you, , but you can't. This is my job. Go enjoy your grandparent's Jake." He smiled and ran, which made me smile. I could feel them and hoped they stayed long enough for me say hi, but I needed deal with this first. I stacked the last of the wood and looked up, as it was dumping snow. I filled an arm and walked the fireplace, and stove. I knew this wasn't going to last.

OlderPete58 63M  
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11/2/2021 1:40 am

Daniel congratulations on your excellent story telling, this really getting going now, I admire your talent.

The last few parts have a mounting excitement it will be good to see how this builds too finally get the bad guys out of the way and the family together.

I think the dragon will be busy and once the ceremony is done the family will have its work cut out managing the clans for good purposes.

Thank you for putting this online.

cjg045 69M  
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11/2/2021 8:44 pm

Thank You Daniel, for your stories & effort in writing. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

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