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take me part 330  

dadigan 60M  
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10/12/2021 5:16 pm
take me part 330

I stared at Taiiko, as Sara and Chloe came up. "We will take care of us, and her...especially Taiiko. Chop wood, they laughed as they told Emily, Tina, Stephanie, Kana, and a friend of hers...she brought. They were all laughing.

"Why are they laughing?"

"No telling, ."

"Da? Why are they ALL laughing?"

"'s likely at me, but they will laugh at too. 's ok, the laughter you hear is gentle laughter, . &#39's what you want hear the wman yu lv." Yoshi walked out with an ax, and swung it at me. We both dropped, but I rolled and had my sidearm pointed at him.

"Good. I will show you how chop wood? Go eat more. You will do this all night." I looked at him speak, because... he said, "Hai," and walked away. Jake looked at me.

"Guess you are stuck with me. We should probably eat." Jake nodded and went kiss Emily as all the girls came up me, even those I wasn't intimate with, and french kissed me. That is a gift 'a. Gaia bls ye both. You'll be fine," and that was when Yoshi threw the ax at jake.

I grabbed it as all the girls screamed, even Taiiko . I guessed my time wasn't going be like hers. I didn't know what she went through, but no one throws an ax at my . I don't care he is.' I leaped at him, which was irrelevant. Taiiko kicked me, which I didn't feel. We were fighting ourselves and Sara yelled...STOP! We fell and stopped.

"What is wrong with you? He is NOT Japanese, and he is trying to understand new languages. Give him some slack, Sensei. And you, pointing at Taiiko, I adore my Daniel. I will obliterate you, and I don't use that word, lightly ma'am. I am trusting more to you than can understand... and your garndfather is throwing axes at him. Sounds kinda right, just don't this up." Great. I heard all of that, and my was getting ax's thrown at him. I think I passed out because they were shaking me.

"Daniel....Daniel. Wake up." Slap. Hard. Slap, again. Hard. Slap...."Stop! Do we gypsies in the family? Please stop hitting me. Where is Jake?"

"Sara, what are you doing? Why are we falling?"

"Jake and Emily are fine. Stop fighting me...we don't the time, even though you slowed down. Hold on" Shit...GODDAMMIT"

"Sorry!, stop, Daniel. Don't make me hurt you, love. Please." I screeched, as I turned into a dragon, and Sara smiled, said she was sorry, and thank you.... and sent me fifteen million miles into, wherever How the was I supposed come back from that?

I snorted, I looked at the stars, and I flew back Sara, but she was in Gaia, with Marnine. I plowed into Gaia, where Marnine was, but more importantly, where Sara was. Where my unborn was.

OlderPete58 63M  
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10/13/2021 12:50 pm

Now that is interesting Daniel can turn into a dragon, understand Japanese and slowed time he is becoming a wizard?

Sara is taking command of the others and issuing instructions they are getting sorted.

Keep up the good work Daniel.

Claw51478 74M  
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10/13/2021 3:51 pm

Oh well. I though I had posted a comment. Maybe I didn't. But any way, Ole'Pete said it all. Good analyst .

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