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take me part 291  

dadigan 60M  
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9/12/2021 12:18 am
take me part 291

Taiiko hugged we walked the kitchen, but I knew, because Annie knew, and that there only other place who knew about and Taiiko, and it was part of this clan. We walked into the kitchen and Taiiko sat down and heated a roll she smiled at . She warmed a piece of pork and put pickled cabbage it. I just watched, and smiled, because I was looking forward it. She turned off the burner and moved the griddle pan off the heat and got some cheese out of the fridge and cut a nice piece, placed the sandwich, put it back the not burner, and pushed the top bun down for a few seconds. She took it off, cut it in half, and smiled. I smiled, she laughed. She handed the plate and I grabbed half my sandwich, and so did she. Taiiko finished hers before , but it was a good sandwich. I told her that as I kissed her, even though it was only half a sandwich.... I wasn't going to quibble. She smiled, kissed , and burped, and then laughed with her hand her mouth I shook my head.

"Can you pour some sake? It's your grandfathers' study, and it's not my place, and that was when Yoshi walked in, disturbed. He looked at us and asked if I had eaten. She smiled, and nodded. They were, food, it didn't matter. Yoshi poured us sake and downed it, so I did the . I'm not stupid. He poured us another cup Taiiko stared at us in disbelief. I drank hers too because she ate half of the sandwich she made for .

The fire started the outside of the house. We know people and he looked at the scene. It's not conclusive, but I'm going with it even though I don't understand it. I drank another cup and held it out because I was going shift and it wouldn't matter. Yoshi poured both of us a cup and Taiiko took hers, I smiled.

I took a sip. "The only people that know about and Taiiko are her sisters, and Ama, and and people from the pig roast, or in town, and Marnine. He stared at and downed his cup, and poured another. He was both upset, and scared.

"Will you shift for us, Daniel. I drank the rest of my sake and nodded as Taiiko stared at . Yoshi grabbed flashlights and told us to follow him, We walked a good quarter of a mile into the forest. I didn't know where I was; but I knew exactly where I was, and Yoshi knew that.

"Please, Daniel-san." I walked Taiiko and kissed her.

'I'm sorry, Love, but I won't be back until dawn, but I'll be fine. You need trust ." She bit the neck, and slapped . I stepped backed turned, and looked at them. I walked Taiiko and snuffed, I nudged her. She looked at and started scratched my ears. I lied down, and groaned she climbed started scratch my neck and jaw. I wanted it go forever but I had work do. I stood, which startled Taiiko and she jumped down. I walked her and put my head into her and waited. She hugged my neck and scruffled my ears. I looked at her and then walked Yoshi. I looked at him and he nodded. I looked back at Taiiko, and ran into the forest.. Taiiko fell her knees and cried.

I ran Yoshi told her my role, which applied to her well. I ran the perimeter of the land and worked my in the center, which was the house that burned, and the main house. I wanted know if anyone was walking in these woods, because they shouldn't be since it wasn't hunting season. That was when Marnine appeared in front of .

'What are you doing love?" She was nervous, very nervous. I went around her and she appeared in front of again. "YOU will not take what I spent a millennia creating Daniel, not for your bitches, not even the new one. I shifted and stood in front. "We won't let you."

'Who, Marnine? Who won't let ?' She stared , scared. I had tried, but I was done. I walked her, grabbed her by the back of the neck I pushed my hand into the hole where heart had been. She tried to shift but Gaia was having none of it. The roots were already growing around us I pulled the power of Gaia. Marnine looked at terrified, but I no longer cared. I summoned Gaia, and pushed, and the essence of Marnine was gone. I hoped I didn't have kill her a third time. The roots moved around us and took Marnine's body, into the Earth, were she belonged, to wait. It was done, I bowed my head, shifted, and ran until close to dawn. The only scents around, were around the house that burned. I followed them as far as could but lost them because of the road. I spent two hours circling the house in expanding circles. Nothing. I shifted, and pushed. I felt no threat, so I walked in. Taiiko was sitting, waiting, for . She hugged .

"You smell, mister. You need take a bath before you get into my bed." She took my hand and led the laundry room. "Strip." I took my clothes off and she put them in the washer, hot, with extra soap. I can't say I blamed her.. She grabbed my hand and led me her bedroom. We walked into the bathroom and she ran another bath, only she wasn't getting in. I got in and went under the water, and stayed longer than I should before I came smiling. She punched twice in the chest. I lied back.

"Do my sisters think you are a pain in their asses?" I nodded. "I thought so." She more times, hard. "That's for them." I nodded, because it was still hard for me speak because I had just shifted not long ago and was only half back, part of was still watching. Taiiko kissed and bathed so I could share her bed. She rinsed , dried and I got into bed naked because everything else was packed. I kissed her and fell asleep as she was asking questions. Taiiko curled into like I was a pillow until ten. I jolted, which woke her , but I was pushing because Marnine wasn't alone and I knew the scent. Taiiko looked at , smiled, grabbed and got hard. It was morning for so it didn't take much, and put inside her and rode until I came inside of her. She smiled she leaned forward and kissed .

"You are full of surprises, but we need go and get your boots, mister." I nodded. We didn't shower, just went the bathroom, brushed, dressed and walked the kitchen. Yamaita met us at the kitchen and Taiiko spoke with her, and then harshly. She bowed. Taiiko walked and touched her head and explained what we were doing. Yamaita bowed we walked out and got into her car and headed to town.

"There is going to be more of that because they grew with , and had charge over . It's not your concern, Daniel." I took her hand and told her that of her concerns were my concerns, period. She looked at , smiled, and squeezed my hand, hard. We drove town.

Claw51478 74M  
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9/12/2021 6:21 am

Marnine, she just will not go away, well maybe she is gone for good now, but, somehow, I doubt it. Haven't heard a lot about Deat lately , wonder what he has found?

OlderPete58 63M  
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9/12/2021 2:27 pm

So has Marnine gone I think maybe but now Daniel needs to ID the others and see who the enemy really are.
It is time for them to go to Iceland and learn his true power so that he is ready when he gets the rest of his powers once married to all these girls.

Yoshi will find who set fire to the house.

I think Taiiko has some hidden senses and powers especially as her mother could shift.

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