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How Long You Should Be Lasting During Sex, According To Science  

blademaster70 51M
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4/11/2016 4:25 pm
How Long You Should Be Lasting During Sex, According To Science

#1 Sex Study
Finally someone is tackling the difficult questions: How long is the average time for sex. Using as scientific of a method as possible, a study was done on 500 couples to answer this question.

#2 Intervaginal Sex
For the purpose of this study, "sex" was defined as the time the penis was actually inside the vagina. 500 couples were asked to collect data about their sex habits over 4 weeks.

#3 Time That Session
The couples were asked to use a stopwatch to time the exact length that the penis entered the vagina to the time it pulled out. Awkward? Yeah of course. Accurate? Not totally, but as close as it'll get.

#4 Give Me 5 Minutes
The findings? The range was huge, from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. But the average length of time was 5.4 minutes.

Was that longer or shorter than you thought it would be?

tickles4us 59M
7261 posts
4/11/2016 4:56 pm

Damn... speed demons

Vive La Difference

kinkylittlewoman 57F
121 posts
6/5/2016 1:42 pm

Being able to stay hard and fuck for hours really does nothing for me. I like it better to do lots of foreplay, and when you can't take it anymore...fuck slow at first and then fast and hard. I find it also depends on position. Most guys don't last very long when my face is down and my ass in the air! I don't mind, because we can always start all over again!

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