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Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship
Posted:Jul 23, 2016 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 12:9 am

Great article I came across, thought I'd share it!

Experimenting with sex toys is a great way to add a new level of spice to your relationship. However, you may be wondering how your partner will react – will they feel threatened? Will they worry that you aren’t feeling completely satisfied?

Read on for a few tips on how to broach the subject of adding sex toys into your relationship with a sexy and non-threatening approach.

Communication is key

Before you break out your vibrator from your nightstand, start by expressing some of your fantasies and desires with your partner. While it may be most comfortable to broach this topic during pillow talk, ensure you tackle the subject in a calm, safe manner.

Avoid broaching the subject immediately before or after sex when emotions are highly charged. If you’re nervous about broaching the topic, start off by referencing a blog post or article you read on the subject that spiked your curiosity, and explain how you think it would be really hot to experiment with toys together.

Be Positive

If you are concerned about your partner feeling threatened by your desire to bring toys into the relationship, focus on the aspects of your sex life that you love, and how a toy might enhance this for you both. For example, you can say, “I really loved it when you touched me in the spot last night. It was so sensitive; I would love to feel you touch me like that again with vibrations added.”

Shop Together

Whether you shop online or venture out to a sex store, it’s important to approach experience the excitement of introducing a toy into the relationship together. Explore the options with your partner, and include them every step of the way so that you both love the purchase you end up with.

In the beginning, size matters

When first introducing a toy into the bedroom, biggest isn’t necessarily best. If either one of you are feeling slightly intimidated, it’s a good idea to start small. For example, try a clitoral vibrator or a small vaginal vibrator. A great option is a Power Bullet, which can be used externally or internally for a powerful pulse of excitement all over – from your nipples and clitoris, to his scrotum.

Experiment with Massage Together

A spicy way to introduce a vibrator into your relationship, and the ultimate foreplay, is experimenting with it to enjoy couples massage. Make sure you create a comfortable environment to go slow and give each partner time to explore what the other likes, soaking in all the sensations.

Enjoy the experience together in a comfortable environment will lay the positive groundwork for regularly bringing toys into the relationship.

Consider Toys that Benefit you both

A vibrator designed specifically for couples, like We Vibe 4 plus, could be exactly your speed. She wears the We Vibe during sex, and he fits in underneath. The We Vibe stimulates the g-spot and clitoris, while both partners share the vibration.

As your partner thrusts, the extra pressure and friction will stimulate the g-spot even more. The best part about this toy, is that it has an app, so even while traveling, couples can play together!
5 Exercises That Make Sex Better
Posted:Jun 26, 2016 9:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2016 10:47 am

Sure, there are a bunch of ways to make sex “better”. You can bring toys into the bedroom, have a threesome or even take a pill. But one of the simplest ways to improve your sex life is through exercise. Check out this list of exercises that will surely improve your performance the next time you jump in the sack.

One of the easiest ways to improve sex through exercise is by building your stamina through cardio. Whether it’s running, cycling or swimming, a good cardio workout equals endurance in the bedroom for men and women.

Kegel Exercises

Women can do this exercise by contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles. It can lead to better/stronger orgasms for her and a tighter feel for him since it improves a woman’s vaginal grip.
Pelvic Thrusts (Tilts)

Besides helping with back pain, pelvic tilts and thrusts are exercises that target the muscles most often used during sex. This is another exercise that can help both men and women alike.


Having healthy levels of testosterone is important in both men and women. However, if you have low testosterone, you want to leave taking supplements and boosters as a last resort. Instead try doing some simple bicep curls. This helps increase your T levels naturally and it’s much healthier than any supplement.


Last but certainly not least, Yoga improves your breath control which is key when putting in long hours in the bedroom. But more importantly, it also increases your flexibility.
Take This Vitamin And You Will Be Mosquito Free All Summer Long!
Posted:Jun 4, 2016 2:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2016 2:13 pm

With the threat of Zika this summer, I found this article very informative, especially since I have allergic reactions to mosquito bites myself. And, I'm sure a lot of you out there have similar reactions. And even if you don't, it's still good information to have. Without further delay, the 411:
Mosquito repellent may seem like the obvious go-to for protecting yourself from itchy bites this summer. However, Some sprays on the market contain toxic chemicals that have dangerous side effects if absorbed into the skin or accidentally ingested. Luckily, there are several more natural approaches to keeping yourself safe from these pesky bugs.
Although researchers have yet to pinpoint what exactly a mosquito looks for when searching for humans to bite, certain odors are thought to be a main culprit.
Unfortunately, mosquito bites aren’t just itchy and annoying. Mosquitoes can carry diseases and spread them to humans. Mosquitoes have been known to carryZika – linked to birth defects
*Dengue – can lead to hemorrhagic fever
*West Nile – causes fever, joint pain, vomiting and rashes
*Malaria – causes fever, chills and vomiting
*Yellow Fever – can cause jaundice, chills and vomiting
*Chikungunya – can cause joint pain, rashes and nausea
*La Crosse Encephalitis – can cause fever and nausea
*Rift Valley Fever – can cause dizziness, weakness and eye damage
*Jamestown Canyon Virus – can cause flu-like symptoms
*Snowshoe Hare Virus – can cause dizziness, vomiting and rashes

With more than 175 known species of mosquitoes in the United States, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s important to learn how to protect yourself from them.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs to function properly and stay healthy.
It can be found in foods such as broccoli, onions, green beans, summer squash, kale, spinach, cabbage, eggplant, and sunflower seeds, and it plays an important role in fighting stress and boosting the immune system.

If you have enough Vitamin B1 in your system, you’ll produce a “yeasty” smell to mosquitoes, making you unappealing for them. Don’t worry — people won’t be able to smell it! But when mosquitoes get a whiff, they’ll make their way to another target.

You can also try making a homemade bug spray. There are lots of home recipes you can use, but this one requires just two ingredients: fresh parsley and organic apple cider vinegar.

1. Add a handful of fresh parsley to a mortar and pestle.
2. Add 4 oz of apple cider vinegar.
3. Mash the ingredients.
4. Let the mixture sit for a few hours.
5. Strain it and put it into a spray bottle.
6. Keep the mix refrigerated for continued use.
7. Add essential oils for a pleasant scent, if desired.

This mix is perfectly safe for your skin and has no harmful side effects.
9 positions you haven’t tried (Maybe, lol)
Posted:May 9, 2016 1:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2016 3:08 pm

1. Inverted Missionary
Missionary is the most common and easiest of all of the $3X positions; the guy simply climbs on top and voila! if you're looking to spice up a clic, however, try the inverted missionary position. How to do it: With the man lying flat on his back, the woman sits on top of him, facing his feet. after he inserts the p3n!$$, the woman slowly leans forward, resting her weight on her hands and pushing her legs backward toward the man's head.

2. Froggie Style
As you might have guessed, froggie style is similar to doggie style; however, instead of crouching on all fours, you squat like a frog, ready to jump. How to do it: The woman squats like a frog on the floor, with her head tilted forward and most of her weight resting on her legs. the man then kneels in back of her and enters from behind.

3. The Yogi
The yogi position is best described as an upside-down doggie-style position, and is perfect for any woman who has ever felt claustrophobic having her head smushed into a pile of pillows. How to do it: The woman lies down on the floor or another firm surface, slowly arches her back and pushes off the floor with her hands, mimicking the wheelbarrow yoga position. the man then enters from a kneeling position between her legs.

4. The Lap Dance
Treat your man to a very special lap dance with this easy-to-do position. How to do it: The man sits on the edge of a bed or couch with his hands behind him for support, with the woman sitting on top of him with her body facing away from his. the man then enters from below.

5. The Cowpoke
Blame it on those stetson ads, but there's something about a cowboy that's undeniably sexy (especially if he's tom brady.) Cowboy hats and spurs are optional for this position, but don't let that stop you from yelling out "giddy up!" how to do it: The man lies on his back, pulling his legs towards his chest. the woman then squats on top of him, facing away from his face and resting on the back of his legs.

6. The Circus Freak
The position is aptly named because mastering it requires a freakish amount of flexibility. How to do it: Both partners stand facing each other. the woman raises one leg straight above the man's shoulder, and he enters her while holding the leg for support.

7. Soap And A Grope
How you do it:
"Standing with her back to him, she dips slightly at the knees while leaning forward, leaning against the wall of the stall or, if the shower is in a tub, she'll lift a leg and balance her foot on the edge of the bath. He spoons up behind her with his legs hip-width apart (if she is lifting her leg, he can help hold it in place). In addition to making it easier for him to slip and slide into her, these small shifts will even out any height difference issues and ensure they are both dripping with delight. she concentrates on standing firm while he grabs her hips and gets down and dirty," says lisa sweet, author of 365 $3X thrills. Pro tip: "water can actually be drying, so lube up with a silicone gel — water-based ones just wash away," sweet says.
Why it's awesome:
"Water is sensual and adds a wet and wild sensation to lovemaking, Especially if you play around with hot and cool temperatures," sweet says. "Lightly rubbing sensitive bits with a soft, wet washcloth or spraying them with a handheld shower will help to lather things up even more."

8. Leg Up, Full Frontal
How you do it:
"Her back is against the shower wall with one leg bent up to her side—it’s more helpful if the leg can be rested on a shower seat. He bends his legs slightly to enter her from underneath. The couple is facing one another with their chests and pelvises rubbing against one another," says clinical $3Xologist and couples therapist kat van kirk.
Why it's awesome:
"The body-to-body pressure helps target the clitoris while allowing for deeper penetration from underneath while her breasts rub against his chest," van kirk says. "His hands can roam all over her body, while being face to face creates more opportunity for deep kissing."

9. Tawdry In The Tub
How you do it:
"Sit face-to-face as the hot water teems down over your hot bodies. She throws her feet up over his shoulders as he slides inside and pulls her by the hips to create the perfect rhythm," says dr. jess o'reilly, ph.d.
Why it's awesome:
"This is a great position for kinking it up a little. He can tie her hands behind her back (as long as she can still support herself) or add a blindfold into the mix to heighten the sensation of the cool tub, hot water and intense connection," o'reilly says.
For the ladies that hold the title
Posted:May 8, 2016 9:47 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2016 11:23 am

Enjoy your day!!!
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How Long You Should Be Lasting During Sex, According To Science
Posted:Apr 11, 2016 4:25 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2021 9:45 pm

#1 Sex Study
Finally someone is tackling the difficult questions: How long is the average time for sex. Using as scientific of a method as possible, a study was done on 500 couples to answer this question.

#2 Intervaginal Sex
For the purpose of this study, "sex" was defined as the time the penis was actually inside the vagina. 500 couples were asked to collect data about their sex habits over 4 weeks.

#3 Time That Session
The couples were asked to use a stopwatch to time the exact length that the penis entered the vagina to the time it pulled out. Awkward? Yeah of course. Accurate? Not totally, but as close as it'll get.

#4 Give Me 5 Minutes
The findings? The range was huge, from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. But the average length of time was 5.4 minutes.

Was that longer or shorter than you thought it would be?
Best Positions For Sexually Active Couples
Posted:Feb 20, 2016 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2016 12:14 pm

Best Positions For Sexually Active Couples

#1 The Organ Grinder
This is a mix of pretty much all the great moves. Instead of legs on shoulders they are outstretched. It allows for deep penetration and is perfect for when things start getting hot and heavy.

#2 Dirty Dancing
This one is great for both partners. What puts this one on the best positions list is its versatility. It can be done almost anywhere! It works against a wall, on a desk or in a chair. It's a turn on for both of you and it's perfect for a quickie.

#3 Legs on Shoulders
For the more flexible woman this one is perfect. She just puts her legs on his shoulders and let the fun begin. In this position he can touch her everywhere which is nice for everyone. Just be sure to stretch!

#4 Lap Love
This one is best for her because it totally hits her g-spot. This position gives deep penetration and doesn't require too much physical exertion, just rock back and forth. Don't go too long or he may lose feeling in his legs.

#5 Reverse cowgirlz
This one is a cross between woman on top and doggystyle. This one is good for her because it hits the g-spot, and guys love it. It requires some practice but it will be worth it.

#6 The Wraparound
The wraparound is the go to for the female orgasm. This is a great closing move as you can be romantic, get deep penetration and kiss a lot. Don't stop fellas, she's almost there.

#7 The Slippery Nipple
This one is perfect for when you are tired but still need to go for it. He lays against the couch while she lies flat and you can go from there. it's great for deep penetration, and can be fast or slow. This one may be the easiest and relaxing position.
First confirmed case of sexually transmitted Zika in U.S.
Posted:Feb 2, 2016 3:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2016 4:03 pm

Scary stuff folks...and this is why I prefer winter, no mosquitos to deal with.

(CNN)The first case of locally acquired Zika in the continental United States has occurred through sexual transmission in Texas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

The case, announced by Dallas County health officials, involved a patient who had sex with someone who had recently returned from Venezuela infected with the mosquito-borne virus.

In a statement to CNN, the CDC said it confirmed the test results showing Zika present in the blood of a "nontraveler in the continental United States." They stressed that there was no risk to a developing fetus in this instance.

Based on that, the CDC says it will soon provide guidance on sexual transmission, with a "focus on the male sexual partners of women who are or who may be pregnant."

Earlier Tuesday, CDC Director Tom Frieden told CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta: "There have been isolated cases of spread through blood transfusion or sexual contact and that's not very surprising. The virus is in the blood for about a week. How long it would remain in the semen is something that needs to be studied and we're working on that now."

Frieden added that studies on sexual transmission are not easy studies to do, but the CDC is continuing to explore that avenue of transmission. "What we know is the vast majority of spread is going to be from mosquitoes," Frieden added. "The bottom line is mosquitoes are the real culprit here."

The CDC said it will provide more guidance as more information on sexual transmission is learned, but in the meantime, "Sexual partners can protect each other by using condoms to prevent spreading sexually transmitted infections. People who have Zika virus infection can protect others by preventing additional mosquito bites."
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Should You Have a Threesome? 4 Things You Need to Consider
Posted:Oct 31, 2015 1:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2019 8:06 pm

Some things just sound much better in theory—like sex on a sandy beach (ow...) or hiring someone to have sex with you and your husband for his birthday. Seriously…

Just ask actor Jason Biggs (from American Pie and Orange Is the New Black), whose wife, Jenny Mollen, hired a for his birthday. The idea was to have a steamy threesome, she told The View, but it didn't exactly work out that way, reports Us Weekly.
"I didn't have a good time in the end," said Jason, also on The View. Unfortunately, he couldn't even "complete the mission." Meanwhile, Mollen was reportedly watching this go down while eating a bag of chips. "Said wasn't engaging with my wife the way I hoped she would and so it all kind of fell apart."
So, yeah…just let all that sink in. Obviously, threesomes aren’t appealing to everyone—and the above mishap can probably explain why. But if the idea sounds like more fun than freaky, we’d suggest doing a little more prep work than this celeb couple did. For one, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise. If you and your partner have been talking about having a threesome for a while, there are a few ways to make that fantasy a reality in a way that’s fun and pleasurable for both of you (while also making it less uncomfortable/awkward/upsetting if all doesn’t go according to plan).

#5 What Are Your Rules?
Even though you're inviting another person into your bed, that doesn't mean that anything goes. It's still helpful to establish some ground rules—like what's allowed, what's off-limits, how to take turns, who can touch who (and where), etc. For instance, "a lot of women don't want to allow kissing," says Speiser. "It feels too intimate. So, talk about it beforehand."
While most rules will vary from couple to couple, one universal law should address safety. "If a man's having sex with one woman and switches off, change out the condom," says Speiser.
And one more golden rule of threesomes: If you aren't enjoying yourself, you can stop at any moment. Just be polite—especially to the third person—and have a signal or a "safe word" with your partner already prepared so you can convey that something feels off.
We consulted the experts for four questions you should definitely ask yourself before hopping into bed with your partner plus one. Hit the next button to carry on...

#2 How Will It Affect Your Relationship?
Sure, having a threesome can add some spice to your sex life, but it could also add awkwardness and tension if you're not prepared. If you're considering a threesome, the most important thing is to plan ahead, says sex expert Jill McDevitt, Ph.D. "One of the biggest misconceptions about sex is that the best sex is spontaneous, like it is in the movies. Just not true!" Especially when it comes to having a threesome, haphazardly jumping into it probably isn't the best idea. Instead, thoroughly discuss your fantasies and expectations with your partner—everything from what you think might make you jealous, whether or not you want this to be a one-time thing, and how to deal if things go wrong.

#3 Who Should the Third Person Be?
So you've decided you want to have a threesome—now, who should be involved? This isn't like deciding who to invite over to watch the World Cup; you really need to think hard about this one. "Open up a dialogue during sex to start imagining another partner with you," says Lainie Speiser, author of Threesomes: For Couples Who Want to Know More. Speiser also recommends imagining a third person during role-play with your partner to imagine how it would feel.
But be wary of inviting your best friend into the mix. "A lot of people want to choose a friend, because they think they'll trust a friend the most," says Speiser. "But oftentimes things start getting complicated and insecurities pop up." Instead, she suggests looking elsewhere—whether it's someone you meet in a likeminded community (like a swingers club) or that really adventurous friend-of-a-friend who neither of you know too well (but you know they'd be down).

#4 What Are Your Expectations?
This is a big one. If you're going into the night thinking it'll be awkward and weird, it probably will be—and that should be a sign that you're not entirely on board with this. "Everyone involved should be a hundred percent down with it," says McDevitt. "Doing it solely to amuse a partner and fulfill a partner's fantasy without any internal desire or drive to do it at all should be avoided." If you go through with it just to appease someone else, chances are you'll hate it and may even resent your partner for pressuring you.
You'll also want to avoid the expectation that doing this will solve a problem in your relationship—even if that problem is a boring sex life. Sure, this can bring a wild, adventurous tone into your bedroom, but just like one-on-one sex, this hookup probably won't lead to any major changes in your relationship, says Speiser. So what's a healthy expectation to have? Expecting to spice up your (already good) sex life with a fun, exciting, twist.
These Things Happen To Your Body When You're Having Lots Of Sex
Posted:Oct 30, 2015 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2015 8:58 am

#1 Less Depressed
Did you know that sperm is an anti-depressant? It contains endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin, all made in the body to make you feel better. Only in a monogamous relationship should you come in contact with your man's sperm. Otherwise, just the sexual release of sex, is a feel good event.

#2 Heart Health
The act of having sex and the orgasm have great benefits for the heart. So when you say 'I heart sex,' you really do.

#3 Less Stressed
Sex is a mood elevator and orgasms lower blood pressure. All good when you're stressed.

#4 Glowing
Sex increases blood flow, giving us that post coitus flush in our faces.

#5 Ability To Deal With Pain
Just like when mommy kissed your boo boo, being with someone you love and trust increases your pain threshold, making you feel less pain.

#6 Less Sick Days
Those who have sex regularly, or at least once or twice a week, have increased immune systems.

#7 Better Memory
Regular sex is also responsible for growing brain cells.

Guess, I'd better step up my sex life a bit
5 New Doggy-Style Sex Positions To Try Tonight
Posted:Oct 4, 2015 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2015 9:32 pm

#1 Tight-Legged
Getting into the typical doggy stance, have your girl keep her legs closed and open yours around them. As well, get her to arch her back and lean on her hands rather than lean down and rest on her elbows on the bed (or whatever surface you happen to be on). To help her maintain that stance, wrap your hand around her hair and give it an occasional tug while you're having sex.

In addition to hair-pulling, you can rub her spine lightly and even hug her waist while you penetrate her. Legs closed is an interesting position because it also gives the female partner some control over a position that is sometimes considered to be a very submissive position for women.

#2 Tight-Legged Variation 2
Get into your regular doggy stance, but lift your torso along with your girl's so that you're upright while you penetrate. Doing this in a location where she's facing the wall or, say, the bedpost, will allow her to place her hands there to maintain balance while you're going in and out.

Use your free hands to caress her breasts and butt, rub her shoulders and get a better grip for penetration. This position also allow you room to easily kiss her mouth and neck.

#3 Stand Down, Boy
While she bends over on the edge of the bed, her feet and shins hanging off it, you stand against it and make your way in. Of course, if the bed is too high or you have a significant height difference, you will have to make some adjustments.

She can raise or lower her body to accommodate you, and you can stand straight or bend your knees.

#4 Stand Down, Girl
If she's much shorter than you, you may not want to attempt this position. Otherwise, have her face the other way and bend down so that her butt is sticking out toward you. Her torso should be parallel to the ground.

While you kneel on the edge of the bed, hold on to her hips and make your way in. Make sure to go slowly, as she needs to maintain her balance. Better yet, let her control the tempo. If needed, a chair or some kind of support for her hands can reduce back fatigue and stabilize her in this position.

#5 Climb To The Top
While she's in position, stand up and place your body right above her butt. Then, bend down so that you can place your manhood inside her.

Ensure that you're balanced; otherwise you may end up falling on top of her. Place your hands on her back without pressing down, or use the help of a wall or bedpost to maintain balance. Just make sure you don't hit your head!

Be careful not to thrust too quickly initially; ensure that she enjoys the sensation first.

Now that you have even more variety to add to your bedroom ventures, make sure that you use them sparingly and wisely. And don't forget that penetration is just a fraction of what good love making entails. Make every moment count.
Which States Have The Horniest Women
Posted:Sep 14, 2015 6:55 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 12:9 am
Interesting article via BCU:
We love that PornHub has started sharing their WEALTH of information on our sexual preferences with the world. It’s helped us learn that women love lesbian porn, which has sparked discussions about what men can LEARN from lesbian porn (hint: more foreplay), and thus makes everyone’s sex lives more AWESOME.

Recently, PornHub released a TON more stats on the ladies, including which porn has become more popular in the last year, favorites porn stars, and more. Our favorites infographic, however, had to do with the US of A, and in particular, which states have the highest proportion of women watching smut:

As you can see, them southern ladies seem to be lovin’ their porn the most, especially compared to their colder sistas up in the North – but why is this? Are southern chicks just more sexual? Or are they not being sexually satisfied by their partners? Or maybe they just have a ton of spare time.

What are your thoughts on this ladies & gentlemen?
10 of the Craziest Sex Accidents
Posted:Aug 3, 2015 10:05 am
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2019 6:57 pm

Most people do not relate sex with physical injury, but these borderline hilarious sex accidents are more common than you might think.

#1 Condom Induced Asphyxia
Yes, many people use condoms even during oral sex, and this has led to more than one death by choking on condom, believe it or not.

#2 Cat Scratch/Attacks
Cats are known for their anti-social, self-centered behavior, and when they see another person all up on THEIR owner, it is go time.

#3 Lightbulbs are NOT for Insertion
Apparently, a man in Croatia was not aware of this, and it resulted in life-threatening injuries in and around his bum.

#4 The Old Heart Attack
Just like any form of physical exertion, heart attacks are a risk. During sex, people are apparently 3 times more likely to suffer from cardiac stoppage.

#5 Viagra Induced Heart Attack
This happened to a Russian man who was challenged to an epic, 12-hour threesome which resulted in his death.

#6 The Power Blade Dildo Incident
This one kind of speaks for itself, right? Worst invention ever!

#7 Nipple Clamps are Never a Good Idea
A young couple who wanted to add some electricity (jumper cables) to their love life took it a bit too literally, resulting in the female partner's death.

#8 Those Back Hooves are a Bitch
Reason number 8,000 why one should not engage in sex with a (male) , or any for that matter: a Seattle man was killed in 2005 attempting to do so.

#9 The Roof is NOT the Place to Fornicate
Just ask the two deceased South Carolina students who learned the hard way. Oh wait, you can't. They're dead.

#10 The Penile Fracture
Yes, breaking the penis is possible, and painful. Just ask this guy, former UFC hopeful Ray Elbe.
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