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Bovine Caca  

RandyRW59 62M
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10/15/2021 10:31 pm
Bovine Caca

Woke not lg ago with an incredible urge listen The Cowsills, which I am doing this mont.

Fell asleep suddenly last night, woke with horrendous pain in my left thigh. (Neuropathy?)

We got the rental vehicle; an almost new Chevy Transverse SUV; a four-wheeled tank. NOT what we're used by any ans, but at least Bambi has her own vehicle again while we sort things .

Has yesterday afterno off due no , and it seems the is tap for Mday.

We went back WST last night. It was great.

The fake profiles are very active, yet again. Who they think they're fooling is a damned good questi, but there seem be thousands of them with more being added almost hourly. What amuses is when I those profiles and find nts by desperate people praising them. . .

Turbo has rey taken his new tree! Kewl.


Life goes .

0751--The car nt went through, effectively wiping my checking until next Friday, when it will be gutted ce AGAIN by ANOTHER large nt. You just can't WIN, can you?

Cloudy outside now, but fairly for this ti of year, with rain expected this evening as a cold frt ambles through, dropping temperatures at least degrees in a very short ti. Winds are sposed increase increnty as well.

We're going visit The for the first ti in a lg while this weekend, using the rental car.

Could be rather interesting.

My favorite DJ is the radio yet again. He seems work very lg hours, and apparently HAS de so around 43 years now, sa stati. e of the very few lg-term things about Cape Cod.

That cannister filter sits, mostly assembled, in frt of Kansas, waiting for finy decide what eventuy DO with the silly thing in the lg run!

I intended put it and the new dia I bought for it, in my faithful dufflebag and haul it in the basent for srage, but, big surprise, haven't quite gotten around doing that yet.

sitting here the kitchen table, in lose-fitting shorts and baggy Moody Blues t-shirt, coughing my off, looking around wdering how this clutter is going be cleaned before Bambi's operati in a short while.. .

I think that, with the rise of Technology, but old 'Keep It Simple, Stid' mantra has bee passe, in so many ways it's unreal. For example, I love bicycling and fishkeeping, and when I started doing both in earnest during The Sumr of Love (1969) ; you needed be happy was basic equipnt, but NOW it seems that both hobbies require spending huge amounts of mey for equipnt that rapidly either dies or bees obsolete overnight!

I rember finding a rusting old singlespeed bicycle in the woods the end of Choctawhatchee Road in Florida, lugging it ho, and doing odd jobs for Mr. Easterly, e of our churchmbers, for two weeks so he'd rejuvenate The Green Hawk with new tires/tubes, oiling the chain, adjusting the raggedy seat, etc. That e old bike sparked The First Bicycle Revoluti in our family, and my life has never been the sa.

During that sa sumr my brother Roger and I ok care of his family's pets for two weeks while they went vacati, after finding -g aquarium in a trash pile sowhere nearby. Our '' for this was have the aquarium resealed, the crack the slate botm repaired, and it being scked with Black Mollies, alg with two Chinese Algae Eaters, as well as a noisy pump/corner filter binati. That set sparked a life-lg love of the aquarium hobby for , an obsessi which ctinues this .

We left that church when e of the deacs enticed my older sisters renounce my 'sinful divorcee' in exchange for college educatis (d't ask why, he just DID, may the sufabitch forever rot in Hell!), but the legacy of The Easterly family lives for , and I smile whenever I engage in cycling or e of my five mey-pit aquariums these days.

Soday I an get so Black Mollies, o. .. .but I haven't yet found a source for them. YET. Perhaps a c DPS will solve that problem?

It's a thought.

It seems that pleasant mories of a man's childhood can be extrely motivating in real life, after .


If Bambi can manage get in ti, we intend find Zero and salvage whatever we can from her corpse day. She's at a local collisi place a cole of miles away which is ly open from 8-, so Bambi's going have sacrifice a day of sleeping-in if we're do this anyti so.

Unless I do it after my sole morning shift Mday. . . . . .that's an interesting thought! I COULD. . . .why the hell NOT?

Aside from my chric laziness, I an?

LOTS do for this sve- old man!

Life goes and and and . . . . . . . .

00----We went to see Zero right before the collision place closed, took some pictures, salvaged what we could from her carcass.

See picture at the end of this entry.

I got ambitious and made pancakes for our brunch, using the rest of the old pancake mix box to do it. As usual, I did a bang-up job.

Bambi was on the phone most of the time since then, talking to her , then my step and her EMT husband.

While she was doing that an edible bouquet from The was delivered; she's in hog heaven devouring it.

I finally ordered meds and messaged my primary caregiver about my left thigh on the veterans' website. Next week I should get a couple of responses from my efforts.

Posted that pic of Zero on a message Bambi did on , showing all her contacts just how lucky she got. It's getting tons of responses. Sometimes a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words!

Bambi nicknamed her rental 'Big Bertha'. That seems appropriate to me.

Sun finally came , but rain/thunderstorms are on their way in just a few hours. Weather in New England is VERY changeable.

Adult Friend Finder is hookup site with a lot of sexually explicit content keeps fucking with my blog entries; a word or two here, letters removed without rhyme or reason, for some reasons. It makes damned DUMB, and is yet another reason why probably NOT renewing my Gold membership when this one expires.

One of MANY reasons, actually.

STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

author51 58F  
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10/16/2021 1:45 am

Sorry to hear you were in pain my friend and hope it is better today..xoxo

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/16/2021 5:29 am


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