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Straining Against My Pants  

LakeheadM 41M
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7/4/2019 3:17 pm
Straining Against My Pants

I love the feeling of being erect. Maybe that's not unusual, I mean, who doesn't like to get hard? I indulge this pleasure with multi-hour edging sessions, and sometimes, touchless masturbation, or whatever you might want to it (this is where I lie in bed before falling asleep and just fantasize until I get hard, then try to maintain that as long as possible, or try to make myself using only my mind. It doesn't usually work).

My line of work is office-based, and in previous positions I've had an office to myself. I would never browse porn on my work computer, but I would keep a window open for good chats with one or two email pals, and some of these discussions would get me quite hard.

As mentioned in my previous post, I like to wear suits to work. The thing about suits is, the pants generally hang fairly loose and the fabric is relatively thin compared to jeans or something. For this reason I tend to wear briefs when wearing a suit in order to keep my cock control.

So I'd sit work, chatting back and forth with my email ladies, discussing all the ways I'd like to introduce them to my cock and I'd get hard. My cock would strain against my briefs and I'd cross my legs, squeezing the muscles in my crotch and trying, somewhat, to obscure the shape of my head poking up against the fabric.

If I wasn't too busy I might relieve myself in the bathroom after a while, but usually I'd just enjoy being hard most of the day while trying to just enough attention to my actual job to be productive.

When with a woman in person it's a whole other story. It doesn't take long to get hard if I feel like she wants to be hard. After a short time making I'll be straining against my jeans. I tend to wear boxers when I dress casually, which means I'll hang down one leg or the other. As I harden my cock presses against the fabric. She might not notice first, but she'll usually start stroking my leg some point and, oops, contact occurs a little sooner than she might have expected.

I love how a woman's touch feels through the fabric of my pants. The tension of the material seems to heighten the senses, and of course, hidden away inside my pants, things a bit larger too.

All that straining and tension makes things even more pleasurable when finally able to unzip and bring it . I fucking love it.

author51 58F  
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7/4/2019 11:47 pm

I am like you and a lover of texture and fabric and how it feels against my skin. My silk panties turn me on to no end and make me wet between my thighs, much like the way your erection feels against your suit pants and jeans...

curious299 58F  

11/9/2019 9:46 am

I love a man in a well fitted suit. I am sensual so I do enjoy using fabric to tease me. I use to wear silk undergarments under feminine suits and loved the eroticism of being aroused by my silk unknown to anyone else.

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