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8/29/2021 7:32 am
Speculative Fiction

Since the pandemic ended I've jumped at any chance to travel for work. Get out on the open road, fly in plane, stay in a hotel, even a day trip for a meeting an hour or two away is like a huge luxury.

I hadn't been to Ottawa in a couple of years and even then, it was in and out, just two days in the middle of the week. This time I was able to schedule my meeting for a friday so I could have most of the weekend to spend in the city.

And visit with you.

We have some history, but we hadn't really hung out in a very, very long time. I was 22, living on my own for the first time. You were 18, bright eyed and bushy tailed at the start of your academic career. It did not last, but we had a couple of fun nights and after a few years we reconnected online and became friends again.

Almost twenty years later, we're different people in a lot of ways, but I can still see that silly young woman come through in your instagram posts from time to time. You've been through a lot of shit, but I'm so happy that you found your husband and have settled down.

I was delighted when you agreed to get together while I visited Ottawa. To be honest, my desire for you hasn't really waned over the years. In fact, you've been so open about your relationships and some of your kinks that I'm even more attracted to you now than when you were 18.

I had this fantasy in my head about meeting for drinks, and then inviting you up to my hotel to "see the view", so I was a little disappointed that you invited me over to have dinner with you and your husband.

You bought this house in an older suburb of the city from a couple that had lived there since it was built. A lot of the fixtures and cabinets date back to the 70s, but it was all very classy. You made sous vide steaks with great roasted carrots and sauted kale.

The conversation between the three of us had a great flow to it. I found myself actually liking your husband, whereas I was prepared to hate him just for being with you when I couldn't be. After dinner we sat at the table with our drinks for a few minutes when you suddenly realize you forgot to give me the grand tour.

"Here's the dining room!", you said brightly, gesturing to our immediate surroundings. "You can see the backyard through the sliding doors and the park beyond the fence. Come on, I'll show you around".

Your husband cleaned up the dished while you led me down the hall past the guest room and to the doorway of the master bedroom. Some boxes remained piled up in the corners, but otherwise it seemed like you'd settled in over the past few months since you took possession.

"So this is where the magic happens?" I teased, nodding towards the bedroom.

You laughed and blushed a little. "Not quite", you said, and there was a mischievous look in your eye. I was intrigued.

You showed me the living room with its beautiful fire place and warm, inviting decor. Then I followed you into the basement.

The finished basement had its own fireplace and sitting area and seemed like a very cozy place to spend a cold winter night. But, you had shown me the listing for this house when you bought it, and this room seemed smaller than I thought it would be. You moved towards the wall behind me and I turned.

That's when I noticed a fine line in the corner. You looked giddy. You pressed against the edge of the wall and it pressed in a fraction of an inch, then popped out far enough for you to grasp it. Like a cupboard door, without handles, you opened the wall revealing a hidden room.

A queen sized bed with iron bars for a headboard and footboard. A tasteful wooden chest of drawers. A wardrobe. A large, floor to ceiling mirror on one wall. A low bench with a padded hole in one end, shackles at the base of each leg. And large wooden X in the corner with leather straps at each end.

"Okay, I see" I said, "THIS is where the magic happens!"

You burst out with that big bright laugh of yours and your eye lit up like sparklers. "Exactly!" you exclaimed.

"This is awesome" I said and we high fived. "Do you mind if I poke around?"

"Be my guest".

The bedframe was sturdy. I gave it a bit of a shake and it barely rattled. I nodded in approval and you giggled. It was so cute.

I opened the wardrobe and found a variety of outfits, costume and other items. Lots of shiny, not a lot of lace.

In the drawers were all manner of impact implements from paddles and floggers to straps and whips. In another drawer were vibrators, plugs, clamps and more.

I made my way to the X frame. "This is nice" I said. "Looks sturdy". I positioned my feet at its base and raised my hands to its upper straps. "This could be a lot of fun."

"It is" you said, and you approached me. I began to blush. My heart pounded and all my playful innuendo disappeared. You stepped in front of me and locked into my eyes. "It's really a lot of fun".

I dropped my hand to your hips and leaned forward to kiss you, but you took my right wrist and standing on your tippy-toes reached up to strap it to the x frame. The blood rushed from my head and I felt dizzy. You raised my left hand to the top of the frame and bound me there as well. Then you knelt in front of me, where my cock was beginning to strain against my jeans and my knees threatened to buckle. You secured the straps around my ankles and stood up once again.

Your warm breath, on my neck. Your voice, soft and inviting. "Is this okay?" You asked.

I swallowed and took a breath. "Yes." I said. "Anything you want."

"You let me know if you're uncomfortable at any moment" you whispered.

"I will."

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I assumed when you started strapping me to the X that this would be okay with your husband. I assumed you two had plotted this out ahead of time and everything was going according to plan.

He entered the secret room through its open door, then pulled it closed and dimmed the lights.

I assumed correctly.

Your lips kissed my neck softly just below my ear as your hands undid my belt. Your lips traced their way across my cheek, towards my lips as your fingers undid the button on my jeans.
Your lips touched my lips ever so gently and parted as my lips parted and I felt your tongue against my tongue as you unzipped my fly and pushed my jeans and my boxers down towards my spread legs.

You knelt again and I prayed to feel those lips and tongue on the head of my cock, but you only tugged on my pants to get them down as far as they would go, which was not all that far.

Your husband approached us and you stood between he and I. Approaching you from behind he kissed your neck and slid a hand down the front of your pants. You closed your eyes and smiled. A gentle moan escaped your lips. He removed his hand and I could see that his fingers glistened from the wetness of your pussy. He fed his fingers to you and you sucked with pleasure.

You turned around and kissed him deeply, walking him backwards towards the bed, and away from me. My cock stuck out obscenely. I throbbed, but could do nothing. My bonds were secure.

I watched as he laid back on the edge of the bed and you undressed him. I felt some satisfaction from seeing that his cock appeared slightly smaller than mine, but that didn't make me any less envious as you licked and stroked it in front of me. He removed your shirt and bra revealing breasts much more full than I remember from years ago. You spread his legs and knelt lower to lick beneath his balls and around his asshole.

I ached. Individual droplets of pre-cum had begun to ooze from the tip of my cock and dribble down its shaft, cooling as they dried. I wanted to be in your mouth more than ever before.

Your husband rose and lifted you to your feet. He removed your pants and your cute star wars panties. He sat you on the edge of the bed and leaned you back, then lifted your legs and knelt between them. He lapped at your soaking wet pussy and you groaned with desire. So did I.

"You don't okay over there champ?" you asked

"I'm fucking dying here." I complained. "you look so delicious".

"Maybe later, if you're a good boy"

Your husband chuckled and sucked on your clit then, causing you to gasp, then moan. "Show him how you fuck me" she told him.

He stood in front of you and pointed his hard cock at your pussy. He held your ankles in the air and pushed forward, easing into you slowly and steadily. As he penetrated you he pushed your legs back folding you in half. He pushed deep inside you, still standing on the floor, putting his body weight behind the shaft of his cock. He maintained that pressure, then began a subtle in and out of millimetres.

Millimetres became centimetres and centimetres became inches as he slid his cock in and out of you. You threw your head back, grasped your breasts and pinched your nipples while he fucked you. He fucked you like I fucked you all those years ago when you yelled, "you're so big! you're so big!" Is this how you made him fuck you so you could remember me? Would I ever get to fuck you again?

He seemed to pound you like that for ages, until finally he seemed to have worn himself out. He pulled out, leaving your pussy gaping and raw looking. You must have came two or three times, but he was still looking strong.

He turn you onto your front, then lifted your hips. You arched your back and your round pale ass looked like a big beautiful peach, ripe and delicious. He drew his hand back and spanked you hard, just once, leaving his strong hand there for a moment before removing it. You yelped and sighed. He entered you from behind and held your hips as he fucked hard and fast. Air escaped your abused pussy with every thrust until he finally came, deep, deep inside your cunt.

You both collapsed onto the bed to catch your breath and I throbbed, my mind racing.

Could you handle any more? He seemed to have ruined you. Was I to remain bound to this wooden X until you recovered? I had no idea what to expect now.

In time, you caught your breath, rolled over and kissed your husband. You rose to your feet unsteadily and made your way towards me. His cum dribbled out of your pussy and down your leg. The sight of your naked body, still swollen with arousal, coaxed new droplets of pre-cum from my aching cock.

You came up close to me caressed my face and gave me a deep, loving kiss. I lost myself in that kiss, imagining that I had just made love to you in that deep, primal way your husband had just done. Then I felt your hand slide beneath my balls and your lips parted from mine.

You knelt before me and opened your mouth. You extended your tongue and placed it, flat, against the underside of the head of my cock. You exhaled and closed your lips over me.

And I came.

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8/29/2021 12:06 pm

hot story

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

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8/29/2021 11:32 pm

Beautiful read..Thanks for sharing it..

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