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LakeheadM 41M
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8/29/2010 3:15 pm
Old Flames

I've only kept in touch with one girl I used to date. Our thing ended because it was never really official anyway (she had a boyfriend) and then she had to move back to the states. I may have an opportunity to go visit her in New York at the end of September, and I really, really want to make it happen. It depends on a few thins, but I emailed her with the possibility of it and asked if she could host me. She said, "yes, yes and YES!!" I hope that means we'll be sharing a bed.

See, we never really consummated the affair. We made out a lot, and had a very hot dry hump one night, but I felt bad about the fact she was cheating on her boyfriend and she had promised her friends she wouldn't sleep with me (damn them). We're both single now and I've never really gotten over her. I find her so beautiful and sweet.

Of course because of the distance there's no way we could date again, so the most I can hope for is that we get to play house for a week, make each other feel good and move on.

What have your experiences been like, hooking up with an old flame, or going back to an ex after several years?

openagenda 105M
6275 posts
8/29/2010 8:18 pm

Sam has given you the best advice that can be given.

You will not regret going for it, but you will regret not doing so.

LakeheadM 41M
26 posts
8/30/2010 3:59 am

Oh, there is no doubt about me going as long as I have the financial means and the time to do it. I just thought others might have had good experiences with this sort of thing. Or funny stories.

ChelsiBuns 37M/35F

10/31/2010 12:27 pm

Ok so after reading this, I am dying to know... did you hook up with her or not?

LakeheadM 41M
26 posts
11/2/2010 8:03 pm

haha, no, I did not hook up with the old flame that I wrote about in the original post. HOWEVER...

I did reconnect with a girl I went to highschool with and who I had a massive crush on all through highschool. We went for coffee, which turned into dinner. then another night we went to a seminar which turned to dinner, which turned to seeing a band at a bar. Then another night we went to a movie, went to a bar until last call. etc etc.

We did a lot of things that friends would do, but always with this kind of romantic, sexual tension between us.

Finally I took a chance and asked if she wanted to kiss me. She said she wasn't ready. Fine. I was defeated. Then later she texted me to say that she did want to kiss me.

The next time we got together we made out for four hours and I made her cum so hard with my fingers I was sure she was going to start squirting.

The next time we got together we finally fucked and it was the most intense, amazing time I've ever spent with anyone. But now I'm back in Thunder Bay and she's still in Toronto.

So here's a lesson: Take a chance. Especially if the alternative is to remain "friends" with a girl forever. Ask yourself, would you be satisfied with that? If not, then you have to make a move.

She's the girl of my dreams. Honestly.

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