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New Hobby - photoshopping exes and crushes  

LakeheadM 41M
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8/31/2013 6:51 am
New Hobby - photoshopping exes and crushes

This is an odd way to pass the time but it's gotten me off pretty hard, so it makes me kind of happy. Always feel kind of dirty after though.

I have nude photos of one ex girlfriend, and I use these to jerk off quite a bit, but there's something about them that not quite satisfying. I want more.

So I google her, look her up on facebook, instagram, all the rest, trying to find new images of her. Of course none of them are explicit, but some of them have... potential.

So the photo in her brother's photo album, where she's about to take a big, goofy bite of cake, and her mouth is wide open, and she's leaning forward in a strapless dress? Let's put a cock in it!

I've been taking photos of myself, in a position that I can easily photoshop into the image and cloning my cock so it looks like it's sliding into her mouth.

This takes some work. I have to set up several layers, so her cheek goes in front of my cock, but my cock goes in front of the inside of her mouth.

The fun thing is when I position my cock layer between the two other layers, I can slide it in an out and in and out. It's great fun.

But now I've started looking up girls I know on facebook and doing the same sort of thing with their pictures.

And I've started collecting photos of my boss, who is a very fine athletic MILF, and combing through porn looking for women with a similar body-type in similar poses to my boss' photos.

This stupid horny hobby of mine takes up a lot of time, and the worst part is, I can't show it off to anybody!

Which is kind of all right, because I don't really take the time to do it all that well. I mean, it's enough to get me off, because I know the women, and I know that's my cock, but it's a bit of a hatchet job to be honest. Sometimes I don't even save the result. The doing is arousing enough.

It's a bit fucked, I know.

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