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All I want is a 3-way with my ex and my boss  

LakeheadM 41M
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12/18/2013 3:12 pm
All I want is a 3-way with my ex and my boss

Is that too much to ask?!

Ex - Asian. Petite. 30 years old. Always had to stop when she was on top because she was afraid of passing out. She always seemed to think she had shit herself when I made her cum. I don't know why, it was weird, but hot that it was so intense for her.

Boss - White. 39 years old, two . Slim and fit. A rower. Kind of nerdy. Tiny tits, cute little ass. Her husband is a beefy looking guy. She looks so skinny and small next to him. I want her lips around my cock. I want to suck the nipples off her non-existent tits while she bounces up and down on my thick cock.

but unfortunately, my boss is nothing like my ex's type. She likes big tits. And my boss, well who knows what she got up to in her youth, but I don't get any flirtatious vibe from her at all.

So I guess it'll all have to stay up in my head.

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