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Cross Dressers Love High Heels
Posted:Nov 2, 2021 8:32 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2021 1:53 pm
OMG it wouldn’t be a stretch say that a sissy and heels go together like Lois and Clark. If you’re anything like , you may actually be an altocalciphile.

Altocalciphilia is the allure and love of high heels. ’s a common affliction—you could that—among sissies, crossdressers and MtF transgenders alike.

If you ask a sissy how high of a heel should a wear she might respond, “the higher the better.” I used say the thing. Until, that is, I started wear heels on a regular basis.

Walking around in public wearing 5″ heels for more than a couple of hours will allow you quickly separate soft theory from bare-knuckled reality.

are not too many things more sexy than a pair of pretty stilettos. But is absolutely possible wear too high of a heel.

The Grand Illusion – The Problem With Platform Heels
platform heels
Platform high heels are pretty popular because they give the illusion of a sky-high heel without any of the issues encountered with wearing such a high heel.

A 2″ platform under the ball of the foot will allow a 6″ heel to feel like a comfortable 4″ heel. Why? Because effectively, it is a 4″ heel.

The main problem with platforms is that since most sissies tend to be taller girls, adding inches their height isn’t really acceptable. It’s difficult enough lady-like and present as passable without being -feet-four-inches tall.

So if you stand 5′ 5″ (or less) in your bare nylon-clad feet, then a platform heel is perfect for you. If, like the majority of sissies, you’re taller than that, then keep on reading.

But before you do, if you’re looking for some sexy nylon stockings to go with your heels, a great place to them is over at TooTimid.

The Forty-Five Degree Angle – Why ’s So Critical
forty five degree pump

From my sissy vantage point (perched atop a pair of 5″ stilettos), when looking at a high heel from the side, should be nothing less than a forty-five degree angle from the of the toe to the back of the heel.

Oxy Shop Chastity
Any angle less than 45 ° just isn’t sexy enough, in my twisted opinion. Remember, I’m an altocalciphile.

Keeping things in perspective, it makes sense that a longer foot will require a correspondingly higher heel to achieve that desirable forty-five degree angle. That’s one reason why smaller feet are typically viewed to be sexy.

The Tipping Point – How High is Too High?
For a sissy to her sexiest in a pair of high heels, ’s important wear a heel high enough maintain that much desired forty-five degree angle, while still being able competently and comfortably walk in them.

Although a four inch heel sounds high, ’s really not. A five inch heel sounds high too. And REALLY is.

Richter scale
Heel height is a somewhat similar the earthquake Richter Scale. At lower levels, like 4 or less, ’s not a huge difference in earthquake intensity. But above 4, things rapidly intensify at a disproportional level.

It’s the with heels. I once ordered a pair of 6″ black patent (not platforms) pumps. They were absolutely gorgeous! But I could barely stand in them, much less walk around.

This is a classic case of fantasy colliding with real world physics. fantasy got the worst of .

I returned them and ordered a similar pair, but this time with 5 ¼” (.34cm) heels.

Although still pretty damn high, with hours of practice and hamstring stretching exercises, I trained myself properly walk in these sexy numbers.

I come find that a five and one-quarter inch heel is my tipping point. Your tipping point could be different.

Too Timid
Increasing your heel height at a lower point on the high heel scale is no big deal. For example, moving from 4″ 4 ½” is relatively easy. But trying go from five inches five and-a-half inches is an entirely different proposition.

Physically, so much is possible with a finite sized foot—as we were all born with.

An excellent method determine your tipping point is stand in your heels and then try raising your toes. You should be able to raise your heels (either the heel or your foot inside the shoe, or the heel of the shoe) off the floor slightly. If you can’t do this, then the heel of the shoe is too high for you.

Is it Possible to Increase The Tipping Point?
Depending how flexible (or inflexible) your calf and hamstring muscles are, the short answer would be yes. A amount anyway. But you consider the time and effort that would be required of increasing your heel height by just .25 of an inch or 6.35 mm.

Would months and years of stretching and practicing be worth ? is a point of diminishing returns since are inescapable physics at .

At some point, most GG, CD, TS and sissies simply opt for a platform shoe in order wear a higher heel than their foot anatomy would otherwise not be able to comfortably support.

Making Sure Your Heels Fit Correctly
Vertical heel height has been the emphasis of this article. But what about the size of the shoe? Keeping the overall length of the shoes shorter would obviously help to maintain that highly coveted 45 ° angle that we talked about earlier.

But sizing a shoe smaller than it should be in order to portray a sexier is never a good idea… unless you plan on NOT walking in the shoes!

’s not always necessary forfeit heel height for comfort. Not if you size the shoe correctly.

The thing is, much of the popularly parroted advice you hear about sizing high heels properly is misguided, if not downright erroneous. Commonplace opinion is that heels should be sized fit—more-or-less—snugly.

This advice is based on the overriding fear that, if the shoe is too big, you will wind up walking out of it. In my experience, this is rarely something to worry about.

TS Seduction
high heel gap
On the contrary, you want a gap between the heel of your foot and the back of the shoe. The higher the heel, the bigger the gap. This comes down to elementary physics. Since the height of the shoe significantly elevates your heel, the natural force of gravity will push the foot forward—towards the narrow, pointed toe…creating a gap at the rear.

If the high heel is sized so —so is no gap—your foot does not enough room be comfortable. Shoes don’t stretch like a pair of skinny jeans do. You size them big enough be agreeable your feet.

Repeat after me… Gap is Good!

Obviously, if the gap is too big you might manage to walk out of the shoe. A good rule to follow is that the higher the heel, the bigger the gap.

If you a pair of heels where the gap is a big, you can always use a shoe insert under the ball of the foot. This will push your foot back up towards the heel, reducing the gap and resulting in a super-comfortable pair of heels.

One more thing about sizing; a sissy or CD should generally her heels two sizes above the corresponding woman’s size. Shopping for a super-high heel would usually necessitate even a larger size. Keep in mind that shoe manufacturers size their heels varying standards. If you’re buying heels online, read the reviews about weather the shoe runs large or .

Also, make sure the company has a customer-friendly return policy. Until you become familiar with how a particular brand, style and model of shoe fits you, you will, most likely, be returning a pair or two.

Love' Vicki!!
Dressing with a Childhood Friend
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2021 9:08 pm
was the late 1970s I was 19 now and a bit of a loner. Two years before when I was 16 I was seduced by a gay neighbor during the summer and discovered how much I loved sucking cocks and getting fucked! I had tried without success suppress those feelings and find a girlfriend but always felt inhibited and awkward around girls. I lived with my parents and had a another secret now I was now a closet crossdresser. I had gotten into it when messing around with my school friend Bill round at his place. We had tried on some of his sister’s bras and panties. It got as far as jerking off together. We did it a couple of more times until he went off to college and we lost touch. I hadn't seen him since we were 17. I continued to sneak my sister's undies and even tried on dresses when everyone was out. I was in town with nothing much to do when I bumped into my old friend. We went to a bar and chatted about old times but neither of us mentioning 'that' subject. He now had his own place in town and I accepted his invitation to go see it. It was a nice apartment. As we chatted I wondered if I should say something. He hadn't so far, he had forgotten about . Do you still wear panties? He suddenly blurted out. Yes I answered relieved out in the open. Me too he smiled and we both giggled. Follow me he said and led me into his bedroom. was decorated in reds and pinks, and cushions on a king size bed. He opened a drawer and OMG was full of panties bras and other lingerie. On a dressing table I saw makeup, powders, lipstick and so on. I was amazed at all this stuff he had like I had entered another world. He watched me smiling. Well what do you think? 's amazing was all I kept saying. He laughed So do you want dress up with me? OMG yes I would love it. Good, let’s get rid of our nasty clothes he said in an effeminate voice. I followed suit Oh yes, rough clothes lol! As we undressed I realized Bill had been wearing black panties stockings and a garter belt all this time! When offered I chose a black corset, D cup breast forms, a black sheer bra, and black fish net thigh highs, black 4 in spike high heel pumps, a sheer black long sleeve top, and a black faux leather mini skirt!! We giggled as he helped me dress, both of us now had hard erections and we made jokes about . Bill put on a shiny black mini cocktail dress. The time just flew past as 'Stephanie' as he liked be called did our makeup. The crowning glory was when she produced two wigs, a black bob for him, and blonde curls for me! I think your more the sissy type he observed. Now what names you like? Mmmmmmm how about Vicki? Remember the High School Slut Vicki Conner? Oh yes Steffanie said. She was the cute blond short with the big boobs that always wore tight tops and skirts. Roomers out were she would give a blow job just about any lol! Yea that's the one lol! She also got gang banged by some of the guys on the baseball team and was always invited all the house parties I heard too!!! I had always fantasized what would been like be her or like her mmmmm!! Nice that suits you well lol! I had never thought about the different aspects of crossdressing before but I realized Stephanie was right! I used another sissy girlfriend but she moved on Stephanie said as she took out a chain choker and fastened around my neck. I stared at myself in the mirror and the word sissy now adorning my neck! OMG I felt so horny and slutty!!! Stephanie kissed my neck and ran his hand down my front stroking my crotch. Lets put on some perfume too, I some White Diamonds we can wear. Wait here a while he said and disappeared into the the living room. I thought I heard her on the phone. I was left to revel in the transformation I had undergone, it was amazing I could not believe my eyes and I was so excited to know had become Vicki!!! I need a drink come through Stephanie's snapped me out of . I went through the door way stepping carefully in the black 4 in spike high heel pumps she had chosen for me. I felt so sexy walking in heels ! I could feel the breast form boobs bouncing as I walked wow! I paraded about a bit and then we sat and talked as we finished our drinks. Legs crossed or course mmmmmmmm!!! Stephanie moved in close and kissed me on the lips. You're so pretty my sissy, do you like it? OMG yes thank you, I've never dressed fully before. Feels natural, doesn’t it? Blushing I said yessssssss. Then I was startled by the sound of the doorbell. It's ok, I've just got someone 'd like meet you! Will tell you all what happened next in my next Post.

Love and kisses , Vicki
Whats your Favorite Sex Position
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 9:37 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2021 9:09 pm
Do you have a favorite position ? My favorites have changed sowhat over the years. When I first started out as a CD sucking cock was my main interest for sure!!! And then learned love the taste of cum and still do mmmmmmmmmm!! I did like be fucked but sucking cocks was for the best!! I spped cross dressing for a while but then got back in it about 20 years ago. Now I love anal I crave it! I need real cocks in or ys in !!! I had trained my myself take good size cocks early on comfortably after slowly opening up my hole with ys. Now as a Mature CD I constantly think about cocks and ys the ti! I dream of them in stuffing full! Now it does not take very long at open up and stretch my hole open take the biggest ys and cocks with ease !!! Now as a Mature Gurl I still like suck a nice cock but I much prefer get fucked! Love putting on thigh highs and high heels be fucked in mmmmmmmmmmm!! When I was younger when I got fucked I liked the guys take it slow nice easy strokes. OMG now I want be fucked hard and deep. Absolutely love a good pounding!! I have been in just about every position get fucked in. If I don't have a real cock fuck I just love get out my ys and fuck myself! ys always stay hard and are safe lol! So now my favorite p 3 positions are. Number 3 the doggie position!! Number 2 is being on my back legs spread apart my guy grabbing my ankles and holding them apart or he puts them up on his shoulders!! And Number 1 witch I first had the opportunely experience a few years back in a bath hose in Providence is being fucked in a sling!!! OMG love love love it!!! Once the sling is adjusted for your partner so he can easily enter you as he stands up and can thrust his cock in and out giving him the opportunity fuck you good and hard!! OMG I live for getting fucked in slings!!! Have achieved a few sissygasms being fucked in slings o!!MMMMMMMMMM pound good hon !!!

Love, Fucking and Kisses, Vicki

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