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How am I to serve you?
Posted:Oct 17, 2021 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

I watched a clip today of a guy beings restrained in shackles arms head and legs and then his mistress laid out his tackle
And heated up a nail then drove that nail throw the head of his penis, then went on to nail his sack to the board
I’m not suggesting we do this the thought of being restrained in such a way does appeal me, from I know that
The things I desire aren’t easy accept and painful if I’m be banded I’m not sure this could be achieved without restraint
And the could be said for alcohol injections in my balls, I love the thought of being forced become what I want be
So this is a huge step for me chastity has taught me the way of a sissy, chastity and hormones rendered me all but sissy
But I can’t do this alone so won’t you take from me what I desire the most, I will submit your desire force me become
What I desire, remove my chastity and force me into a submissive lifestyle
So do you desire to pierce my tongue for you enjoyment ? want to remove my desire once and for all? Wish for me to dress
Feminine as you like? Want to take ? I know once this is done isn’t any going back and this excites me
Once I’m sissy you might like drive a nail into my new clit or puffy boobs I don’t know what floats your boat but I can’t wait
To do this, are your kinky?
Frustrated state
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

So dressing has become a thing for me and in later years frustration, Frustration is a mindset it allows me to do the things you desire from me.
Once locked in chastity I desire intercourse more than anything, but chastity and hormones have all but removed my ability to get hard anymore
This don’t stop me dreaming of climaxing so I will do whatever you desire from me to get off, we both know this won’t happen because you want
Me to become your submissive sissy, and to be fair there should be one erect cock in any room
Knowing this would come I’ve used my time to get ready the best I can, so when I do climax I will sallow my own knowing one your expect
to swallow yours, I’ve used toys so that I’m ready for your onslaught, I’ve also dabbled with larger objects so I can gap for you should you wish
This, I wear chastity almost 24/7 and have something inserted also, I love the feeling of feeling something inside me
So I do trust myself in regard to becoming sissy I know there will be challenges and some pain, I’ve banded myself in the past and I know this maybe
More pain than I can handle alone, but I do feel like if I were to have painkillers and I was restrained this is something we could do together
There isn’t a sissy in the world who hasn’t gone to bed wanting to wake as female but I understand you have to work hard to get to your goals
Loving kinky bondage would be a real plus as is wax and in time maybe fisting!!! I did say I was kinky
I know what you expect from a submissive sissy and I’m up to encounter this I need a guy to take charge I need him to know what he wants and I need
Him to make me deliver this! Moving forward you have to be kinky and have and share my desire to make me the gurl of your dreams
I want to surrender myself to you just use me as the sissy I am, use me yourself or have others use me for your enjoyment or anything else you desire
I’m as ready as I can ever be to transition just need a guy
So if your into CBT or injecting my balls to remove my desire for good or anything between please lets talk because sissy is within my DNA and I need
A guy to take me his wing so I can encounter life as a sissy
I understand a gurl isn’t for everyone
Posted:Oct 14, 2021 5:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 3:45 pm

I found just by chance how good an anal climax feels and ’s somewhat like an addiction once you discover I’m not sure you would go back all that effort for just a moments pleasure
So any guy would want a mate that will do to him, not sure I’m that guy for years I would go bed wishing I would wake female, I love the feel of sexy underwear, love wearing heals even taught myself how walk female
Again by chance I discovered chastity, not kidding this takes sissy a new level totally, frustration drives a guy to desire what he once did because she gets the desire
isn’t much you won’t do just to climax even if you regret it afterwards your going move heaven and earth climax right?
So in chastity the desire but its flipped now I will do anything normally so swallowing your load isn’t so much a problem, afterwards want
use my arse no problem, just because if you get this right I will encounter even more pleasure, get this wrong and you’re a happy guy and I get more frustrated
Which is good for you if you keep frustrated.
I also understand because of my choices the game changes, and the guys I appeal do also being a submissive I will appeal a dominant or female I understand
This changes the whole deal, so I’ve trained myself accept larger objects, I also accept my life will become an obedient sissy role
Life as I know will change from this point, with luck your want feminise me further, for me I just want see what I may become this includes boobs
I won’t object banding nor injections remove my desire once and for all
I would love for this take place before any relationship but a gurl needs do what a gurl needs so we can agree on a time scale when this will take place?
Would love get with an American guy this would give you just 3 months do the deed or send me home, I know I will delight you within this time so cut me or send
Me home ?
The unknown excites me
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 4:23 pm

So chastity and hormones all but stripped me of the joy of an erection, and I’ve come the conclusion I was meant be female
I’ve always felt feminine always loved dress and in later years I’ve replaced a normal climax for a sissy climax via anal alone
For the most part my anal climax isn’t that great just a pre-cum dampen my knickers
Frustration, humiliation, and submission become my go words, not sure is anything you desire from me I’ve not tried myself
One thing I can’t do myself is a guys desire no toy in the world can even get close
Now I accept that the main event isn’t , before we get this point needs become some kind of suffering! This will consist of some
Kind of pain, your thing is nipple’s or banding or injections
say if you desire remove the function of my balls forever then this is a real plus, I know and understand how this may affect me and
My mental state but will be worth develop puffy boobs at my age and to submit a guys desire just get off myself
I’ve always wanted submit a guys desire while being an obedient sissy slave
Keep me for yourself humiliate me with others, make me join in groups it don’t matter me, just remove my desire here and now and show me the
Sissy way well up for learning what you desire and just pleasing you every day!!!
you need be keen transform me into the gurl of your desire!
so do i tick your boxes?
So frustration is my thing
Posted:Oct 6, 2021 5:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

So if you want get with progression is a must, want go down you no problem, want my tongue pierced to better serve you no problem
Frustration is the drug that makes desire what I do humiliation and submission is a real plus is anal but do you desire more? I’m talking fisting
I’m able accept larger objects want gape , want use your puppet? Hand inside ?
I also know and accept some of your best moments may be my least enjoyable moments, no one ever said a transition was easy nor enjoyable but I feel
Like I need this, I’m not the jealous type I know you may want take other lovers or enjoy that I watch or maybe I will be the object of both your desires
Have say a spit roast is high my bucket list, but I would love a guy feminise further, my nipples are pierced already so puffy boobs would be
A real plus, I think I know what you desire can’t wait flash more flesh dressed sexy for you I will become the object of your desire, I hope I can wake
And have swallow your load, or spoon and feel your harness seek my girly hole
At the end of the day I’m sissy use and abuse female I will submit your desire if you want render sissy forever lets talk please
You can’t help what you become
Posted:Oct 5, 2021 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

I know I’m a victim of myself at an early age I would dress I never really understood why I was different
Once I stole a leotard from school so I could feel feminine

Whenever I was stressed feminine was my go to place, and I guess as life went on feminine became my
Go to place

So my life so far isn’t very eventful I guess I just did the normal whatever the normal is, but bubbling away
Was my feminine side, wasn’t until I discovered chastity everything changed.

Chastity makes me sit pee also makes me frustrated enough do the things you want me too, when
I cheated I would force myself to swallow my own seed, before long this became the norm not saying this
Was the best choice but I’ve learned to accept this even enjoy

I’m claiming I’m a cock virgin and I am that’s not say I’ve not encounter many miles on a dildo

Chastity has taught me the joy of frustration so keep me locked in chastity, or you desire more?
I know I would love develop pert boobs with puffy nipples so hormones would be a huge plus

This said I know this isn’t as easy as shaving all over I’m willing submit your desire please remove
My desire once and for all and brand me as your own, I love everything feminine and I’m keen learn
Render me sissy and lets enjoy me together
Dabbling no longer works
Posted:Oct 3, 2021 5:10 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

I have grown love chastity but this has limits because I’m my own key holder and I do feel like if I was further frustrated then the feeling I feel now would be so much better
I punish myself if I cheat by swallowing my own but the desire is gone
While I’m locked I do practice anal and I so enjoy the feelings I encounter but I do feel like I stop to early, I tend to ride my dildo for a while and really enjoy it but I do feel like
With you inside me I would have to accept so much more
I won’t lie what I do I enjoy so much but if you keep me locked up longer and use me longer then the sky is the limit, I hate myself for cheating but I’m human at first my
Punishment was swallow my own but this happens weekly so has just become a part of everyday

I know what you desire is so much more keep me locked up longer my frustration is your enjoyment. I can’t wait kneel before you with my hands tied my thighs and go
Down on you, I’m going lick, suck and slobber all over your cock and you will climax and I will swallow as any good gurl would

So next comes the main event I’m not sure I’m ready handle a guys desire so I would love be e restrained, this would be a huge plus for me as I would like feel like I was
Kinky is my thing so if you want me suffer for being a sissy that’s fine with me within reason want spank me? BDSM is a huge turn on so want rings are a plus I can wear
Nipple rings but add a tongue ring or even a prince albert to lock me into chastity I’m in

Want more then sure I won’t stop you from injecting my balls or clamping them and total removal rendering me sissy forever. Can’t help I am or what I desire I know what
I want and ’s a guy inside me enjoying my inner folds

I’m going do whatever you please dress as you like and accept whatever is needed become the gurl of your desire take a chance on me I won’t disappoint you!!!
please remove my Erection
Posted:Oct 1, 2021 4:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

Soone once said an erection is very much one sided, in any relationship there is male and female or male and submissive
I would consider myself the latter, I’ve dabbled in chastity and I know and understand the joy of frustration, this is like a drug
The first ti its sowhat daunting, but before long you understand how powerful it is, once you’re hooked there isn’t any going

Chastity ans frustration getting excited isn’t rey an option because in extre chastity excitent ans painful so slowly you
I accept that what you love has limits and your no longer in control, then as you push forward with chastity you encounter what is
Described as a sissy climax, this is where your joy of anal takes a turn and you climax as male

For the joy of anal is enough and If I’m that frustrated then sure a climax via anal won’t go a miss

But for I know my place and where I fit in and I know for sure I’m a botm, I want feel the joy of frustration daily and the madness
That is an anal climax, and I want dress sexy full ti, remove my guy gear and have wear the outfits that turn you on

I ty understand I’m no longer in control of this, what I desire is for a guy take charge from now on, you can’t help who you are right
Chastity and frustration has ripped of my desire, at best I can only climax limp but this isn’t what I desire

Moving forward I would like my ability climax removed further I want transition further, now I just want dress sexy as you would like
Can’t wait develop boobs and beco your submissive sex slave, wear what you desire and flash more flesh for you enjoynt

So if your in transforming in your sissy slave then lets talk for kinky is a real plus so if your in kinky even better
If your in further transforming in a sissy I’m up for this

I feel like I need a guy who knows what he likes and isn’t afraid take what he likes, I know becoming sissy isn’t easy nor pain free but
For the right guy I’m willing suffer!!

Well up for kinky however this is maybe hot wax, maybe group, or even fisting almost anything goes however bizarre just ask this isn’t
Just a fad this is the way forward from chastity, undergoing this won’t be easy, transformation never is

I’ve taught myself enjoy a man’s juice and my enjoynt of anal is better than any climax I’ve encountered ever
I need a guy or a Daddy use and abuse . Not ever been with a guy so you’re the first show a good ti and I will be the gurl
You desire !!
Posted:Sep 30, 2021 5:07 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

So I guess most of you would consider what I desire extreme say the least, for me this started years ago and in fact most of this
Just seems like natural progression, I got into chastity years ago I would wear it every waking moment at first this excited me but
Over the years it’s taught me frustration, being my own key holder has given me the chance to cheat I hate cheating but whenever
I did the best I could would me climaxing at best limp and often in the shower on toes and with an object in my arse
So for my MTF transmission isn’t a huge deal, I know and understand isn’t any going back from what you plan for me this
Said I’m excited become the object of your desire and finally I can forget about me and just serve a as the object of your
Desire, I know what is required but that isn’t a huge step from here and now
I’m very much into kinky and expanding my limits so I hope you are also? I forward discovering the feminine me, can’t wait
transform into feminine and all the things I enjoy, if you want to become my master then your require me to act and dress feminine
You will remind me of I was while enjoying me as I am now, you will humiliate me daily, push my limits and just enjoy me as the
Woman I desire be, do this for me and I will be your gurl use and abuse as you like bondage is a plus !!
need feel a guy inside me my mouth and arse are yours explore as you like but i'm no slut i'm saving myself for Mr Right
want render me sissy for your enjoyment lets talk
i'm as ready as i can be
Posted:Sep 29, 2021 4:57 pm
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2021 5:03 pm

If you don’t mind my comfort for your enjoyment and feel like my Pride is an obstruction
To you feeling good, if you feel like my dignity is a distraction, if you feel like I should be
ready for my superiors and want me as a receptable for your desire, and want me to embrace your
superiority and become your submissive and obedient slave, then we should talk
I’m very much into kinky and very much into serving a guy as female,
I fully understand that any pride, dignity and self-worth will be removed during training and I will
Have to accept new limits whatever these may be! If I truly wish to become feminine I need to accept
Things can never be the same.
I realise my own actions have rendered me the way I am now, and I understand if I’m to develop further
This isn’t something I can do myself, for me the next step to chastity is to transform permanently
This can be done in many ways and this would depend on how you desire to strip my manhood from
Me, I’m not sure anyway is more desirable than any other, sure waking up feminine is my first choice
But I also feel like injections over weeks or months do the same thing as does banding having tried this
Myself not sure I could cope with this unless restrained and with painkillers but my fate lays in your hands
This isn’t a fetish this has become my life so for me it’s a life choice, frustration is my companion and my
Friend, and kinky underwear developing boobs my destiny, can’t wait to flash so much more flesh to excite
You and enjoy you enjoying me!!! sure i've been tempted but i'm saving myself for the guy who desires me full time feminine and embrace my woman scars
Mine is a story of two tales
Posted:Sep 26, 2021 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

So I guess like most people I just grew up as was expected, as I grew up what we are talking wasn’t main stream, like others before me there was a sigma connected to being different
There has always been two parts of me the provider and the sissy, over the years the two have worked well together, if life ever got to the point is was too much I would turn feminine
I so loved my time as feminine this has always been my go to place I loved feeling feminine, my struggle started at an early age I know I was different
I’ve always loved the feminine form so I would tuck myself and wish I would wake as female
It’s such a shame it’s only now I know what I want and the things I desire, so I knew what I was so I did try to make contact with a guy to further my understanding of the life I was missing
He was concerned I might want more that we agreed so I agreed to wear chastity just to get laid
This meet never happened but chastity remained part of my day to day life in fact it took over, I got to know my feminine side and the longer I wore chastity the more feminine I felt it’s ironic really
The thing that drove me for so long was turned against me, frustration is like a drug the more you enjoy it the more you desire, being my own key holder sucks because once I get to a point I will cheat
When I did as a punishment I would swallow my own, at first I was disgusted I would at first give in and I knew this wasn’t right
But by now frustration and swallowing became the normal in my life, at this time I would dabble in anal at first this also wasn’t pleasant but anal soon became my new climax, in chastity I would rather
Anal climax than climax as normal, my dressing and ability to swallow and the love of anal renders me sissy I can’t help how I feel, my only desire now is to have a guy find me attractive enough to want
To make love to me, so you are what you are right? So right now I’m a sissy ! but I do desire more given my history I would like to take the next step and become your submissive sissy full time I know
and understand this isn’t with its own risks, and there isn’t any going back once castrated I’m trapped as female, to render me sissy you need to be into kinky if your into this then please lets talk as I’m
really into kinky, let’s talk of the terms of my surrender!
I’m Confused could someone help me understand ?
Posted:Sep 25, 2021 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

Do guys expect penetration both ways when they meet? I would have thought there would be some kind of appeal to a guy who requires being used as feminine
I may want to be your sissy slave and or slut for the afternoon or evening but I’m not a slag nor a bitch just a gurl looking for a guy to use as feminine

Just want a guy who will respect what I am and just use as feminine, not sure it’s much to ask!

Sissy is just an addiction like any other really, it all starts as fun but soon turns into something so much more, guess I’m not unlike many others before me I would dream
Of waking as female, the female form just fascinates me.

Don’t ever underestimate what you are dabbling in, sissy will consume your daily thoughts, my downfall was chastity that added frustration, I was used to frustration before
I suffered an erection when I was aroused. When I encountered Chastity becoming erect would cause pain, but even this wasn’t enough

I wanted more so I purchase an even more extreme chastity device so my clit is restrained even further, so if I got aroused it hurt I knew I was excited because I would dribble
So being my own keyholder wasn’t great, because I could cheat I would knock one as I showered but I would swallow anything I delivered

Its clear being my own keyholder won’t work in the long term I need you to frustrate . And maybe tease further just to raise my frustration, this will enhance your

If your serious in transforming me into your sissy, want me to undergo something more, something I can’t come back from then we should talk please!
Spunky Kissed Sam
I totally get it
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 5:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 2:14 pm

Most of you guys feel like what I desire is somewhat extreme some of you guys think I’m totally mad to even consider this!

But for me I think I’ve always know that this is what I’ve desired but I’ve put this to the back of my mind but my feelings haven’t
Changed, I’ve always felt at home in sexy female underwear, I also love the fact that as a gurl you get to flash so much more flesh

A few years back I decided to explore my feminine side and even made contact with a guy I guess he was keen to meet but was nervous
Hell he wasn’t as nervous as me for sure

He wanted to know that I wasn’t desiring anything from him so I offered for him to be the key holder, I did this so I could encounter the
Real thing, so I purchased a chastity device to wear, at first this seemed strange, but depriving yourself of something makes you desire
It more, when I wore chastity I desired something I hadn’t before, the desire to get hard is huge and being locked stops this and the frustration
Drives you to distraction, this meet never happened as the guy backed out

But Chastity and frustration remained the longer I would wear the chastity device the more I became frustrated and the more frustrated the more
I desired what I couldn’t do

So this is the point I thought this is what I desire more than anything else, so I stopped and thought not what I could get from this but what a guy
Would desire from me, so that’s the route I took, so play took on a whole new meaning, I wasn’t doing this for me but to enhance what I guy would

Over time frustration and chastity has taken over I no longer want to act as male for me it’s feminine all the way, while being locked up I would cheat
To punish myself anything I delivered was swallowed and my anal play got more extreme, but now I feel I’m ready for the next step

Right now with chastity and anal play if I’m even able to masturbate I do so limp gone are the days of an erection ! right now I’m happy with my lot
My age and hormones and chastity have ripped me of my desire, so this change isn’t just phicical it’s also mental

I’ve resigned myself to this way of life a life of a submissive, and a life of being an object of a males desire I’ve trained myself to be that gurl and know
You may want to feminise me further, I know I can offer you what you desire I do this to myself almost daily

But in return for the submissive sissy you desire I would like to further evelop I would love to develop puffy boobs and nipples I would also like another
To become my key holder and expand my limits, I love the feminine form so much I would consider that perfict V between my legs that’s right I said I was
Kinky remove my chastity and my balls to render me your sissy

I know and understand transformation MTF won’t be easy nor pain free I enter this with my eyes open I know once the deed is done there is no going back
My choices are permanent, but all things considered I’m excited to meet the feminine me

The little things excite me a smooth body, nail varnish, large earrings, sexy underwear, tender boobs and the lust of a guy using me as female!! What if this
Isn’t for me? Then that’s something I need to deal with, by now I’m your submissive sissy and will serve you as the gurl I desire to be

i'm not a prude want to share me or have me watch no problem, group hell yes i'm as kinky as they get, spanking, hot wax, spanking and even fisting is on the cards i will become your sex doll

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